Unitel Angola International Call Offers and Plans

Unitel Angola international call Offers are the best way to save money while calling abroad. Here are some economic and regular plans that will help you call overseas with your friends and family. Check out the latest deals and offers from Unitel Angola.

Unitel Angola International Call Packages and Offers

Customers can use international calling minutes for free after using one minute or more. There are tariffs and these are divided into groups. After 60 seconds you will be charged rates every 20 seconds.

Group A:

  • The Normal Rate is 195,429 Kz/min or 0.05 UTT /sec
  • Economic rate is 162,856 Kz/min and 0.05 UTT /sec

Group B:

  • The Normal Rate is 282,286 Kz/min
  • Economic rate is 238,857 Kz/min

Group C:

  • The Normal Rate is 369,143 Kz/min
  • Economic rate is 314,857 Kz/min

Group D:

  • The Normal Rate is 651,429 Kz/min
  • Economic rate is 542,857 Kz/min

You must have enough balance in your SIM card or mobile phone to use this service. For more information, you can call Unitel Angola by helpline number or visit this link to go to their official website.

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