Unitel Angola Roaming Tariffs and Plans

Unitel Angola provides roaming services to its customers who are going abroad and want to use the same number. Its customers can activate the Roaming service and use all services like data, calls and text without hassle. Customers can make calls to Asia, Africa and the Americas at a different type of rates per 60 seconds. Here are some Unitel Angola roaming tariffs and plans which can help you to call abroad.

If you have subscribed to the Unitel Angola internet package or call package, these can not work at your destination. So, must check and see the coverage in your destination before activating the plan and offers.

Unitel Angola Roaming Tariffs and Plans

Here are the roaming plans and tariffs which customers can activate:

Receiving Roaming100 kz185 Kz155 Kz230 Kz1,060 Kz
Messages45 kz65 Kz55 Kz110 Kz1,060 Kz
Other Countries275 kz545 Kz405 Kz825 Kz1,060 Kz
To Abroad130 kz275 Kz200 Kz415 Kz1,060 Kz
Angola195 kz450 Kz305815 Kz1,060 Kz
  • These packages and prices are included VAT
  • Charges for call for prepaid and postpaid both are per 60 seconds

Data Roaming Services:

  • The data Rate for all countries is 1.865 Kz per MB
  • For NON-TERRESTRIAL the rate for one MB will be 2.797
  • These rates are for both prepaid and postpaid users

How to Activate Roaming services on Prepaid Unitel Angola?

Prepaid users have not to need to activate the roaming service because it is already subscribed. When customers will go abroad, the roaming service automatically starts working.

For more information and activation of any type of plan, prepaid customers can call 19300. To confirm and activate the roaming service on prepaid SIM, send ON to 19130.

How to Call while Abroad and using Roaming services?

Dial 00244 before the number to call or +244 before the number to call while using roaming services. For more information, you can visit the Unitel Angola website and roaming services page.

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