Unitel Angola Internet Packages Daily Weekly & Monthly

With Unitel Angola internet packages, customers can enjoy the fastest and cheapest rates while browsing the internet. If you need daily, weekly and monthly internet package details, Here are the full details with subscription methods and USSD codes.

This is the best network which is offering Semi yearly, and monthly night internet packages and deals. Here are the full details of internet packages which you can use on your mobile phones, at home and in offices.

Unitel Angola Internet Packages Daily Weekly & Monthly

Its default internet rate is 5Kz per MB. It means if you will consume 100MB, you have to pay 500Kz which is the most costly and it is best if you will subscribe to any internet bundle. Below given packages’ prices are VAT included.

1MB5KzSends ENABLE to 19108
100MB100Kz*108*100#24 Hours
200MB200Kz*108*200#24 Hours
400MB350Kz*108*400#24 Hours
1GB700Kz*108*700#24 Hours
1.5GB1500Kz*107*1500#31 Days
2GB2000Kz*107*2000#31 Days
3.5GB3000Kz*107*3000#31 Days
6GB5000Kz*107*5000#31 Days
12GB10,000Kz*107*10000#31 Days
30GB25,000Kz*107*25000#60 Days
50GB35,000 Kz*107*35000#60 Days
100GB70,000 Kz*138#180 Days
200GB130,000Kz*138#365 Days
VAT included

Net House

DataPrice Validity
15GB12,000Kz31 Days
35GB24,000Kz31 Days
50GB32,000Kz31 Days
  • Send an SMS to 19103 with the No. and PIN of the Net Casa SIM card.

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