Vodafone Qatar call packages

Vodafone Qatar Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Vodafone is the best telecom network in Qatar which is providing prepaid, postpaid, WIFI and broadband services in Qatar. You can get prepaid SIM cards to enjoy call packages and talk with your friends and family. Here are the full details of Vodafone Qatar call packages.

Vodafone Daily Prepaid Call Packages

Those users who want to talk with their friends and family on local and Vodafone networks for a little time can activate daily and hourly call packages. these packages provide free calling within the country and if customers got Flexi minutes then they can use these minutes to call nationally and internationally. Here are more details in the table of Vodafone daily call packages.

QR 2200 Local MinutesDaily
QR 10Unlimited Local CallsDaily
QR 1070 Flex Min+260MB3 Days
  • Dial *123# to activate the package
  • The package is valid for prepaid customers

Vodafone Weekly Call Packages

150 Flex Min512 MB Data & Unlimited @64KbpsQR 207 Days
25 Local Min+ 15 Int’l Min1 GBQR 207 Days
100 Min Raoming1 GBQR 100100 Min Roaming

Customers have to buy recharge cards to activate these plans. These cards are available at any nearest recharge store or Vodafone store.

Monthly Call Packages

There are many monthly call packages for Vodafone Qatar, some of the packages are including free internet data and calls. Monthly Combo 30 package offers 3GB local internet data at high speed then unlimited at 128Kbps speed and 120 local calling minutes in only QR 30. With this package, customers can get a double discount of 3GB data which can be used between (10 PM to 4 AM). This package can be subscribed to by recharging the balance online through the Vodafone recharge website by using your debit or credit card.

Here are many other Combo packages that you can subscribe to and can get free calling minutes, unlimited internet and much more. From the below-given table, you can compare all plans and can select the best for you.

QR 30120 Local Min3GB + Unlimited@128Kbps3GB (10 PM to 4 AM)
QR 60240 Local Min8GB + Unlimited@ 256Kbps1 GB (7 Days/month)
Qr 120500 Local Min19GB + Unlimited @512Kbps2 GB (7 Days/month)
QR 150750 Local Min24GB + Unlimited @512Kbps2 GB (7 Days/month)
QR 50525 Flex Min1.8GB (7 Days) + Unlimited @128Kbps
QR 60610 Flex Min2GB (7 Days) + Unlimited @256Kbps1GB (7 Days/month)
QR 80854 Flex Min2GB (7 Days)1GB (7 Days/month)
QR 1001220 Flex Min2.2GB (7 Days) + Unlimited @256Kbps2GB (7 Days/month)
QR 1201720 Flex Min2.2GB (7 Days) + Unlimited @512Kbps2GB (7 Days/month)
QR 1502562 Flex Min2.2GB (7 Days) + Unlimited @512Kbps2GB (7 Days/month)
QR 2003782 Flex Min2.2GB (7 Days) + Unlimited @2Mbps5GB (7 Days/month)
QR 3004575 Flex MinUnlimited@ 2 Mbps5GB (7 Days/month)
QR 5007625 Flex MinUnlimited@ 15 Mbps5GB (7 Days/month)

Vodafone Combo Plus Packages

Combo Plus packages are providing free unlimited internet & local and international calling minutes. These packages are the best for those people who want to talk abroad with their friends and family.

PriceLocal CalsFlex CallsInternetBonus
QR 100100 Min70 Min5GB + Unlimited @128Kbps2GB (7 Days/month)
QR 150450 Min100 Min8GB + Unlimited @128Kbps2GB (7 Days/month)
QR 300Unlimited Min100 MinUnlimited @2Mbps (FUP 20GB)5GB (7 Days/month)
QR 450Unlimited Min100 MinUnlimited @15Mbps (FUP 200GB)5GB (7 Days/month)
QR 750Unlimited Min500 MinUnlimited @15Mbps (FUP 500GB)5GB (7 Days/month)

Vodafone Qatar International Call Packages

You can use the above-given packages to call abroad within 30+ countries. Here are some more international call packages that you can subscribe to and can get calling minutes for a month.

QR 2038 Minutes
QR 3057 Minutes
QR 5090 Minutes
QR 60108 Minutes
QR 80144 Minutes
Qr 100180 Minutes
  • Visit this page to activate this page by recharge
  • Dial *120# to activate the bonus offer
  • Expiry of all packages is 30 days

Vodafone Roaming Offer

Vodafone users can activate a monthly roaming offer in which they will receive calling minutes to call from abroad while using the Vodafone SIM card. Here are the full details of Vodafone Qatar roaming packages.

PriceQR 30
Incoming Calls150 minutes
Outgoing calls10 Minutes for Qatar
Validity30 Days
  • To check your balance dial *130#
  • Activate packages: Dial *200#
  • Helpline: Dial 111

Vodafone Qatar Internet Packages

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