Vodafone Qatar internet Packages

Vodafone Qatar Internet Packages

Vodafone is the best telecom network in Qatar which is offering internet service for postpaid, prepaid and broadband users. Here are the full details of Vodafone Qatar internet packages for daily, weekly and monthly. All the users can compare and see the full details of internet plans according to their needs.

New customers can get extra discounts including a free SIM card and can get unlimited internet. Some of the new SIM cards come with a package including free calls, internet and balance. First of all, we will check out the latest prices of new SIM cards including free internet data and calls.

Vodafone Qatar Internet Packages

These plans are valid for prepaid customers not for postpaid or data SIM users. Vodafone prepaid customers can get 750 MB of data for 3 days in QR 10. Those customers who need unlimited internet packages can subscribe to weekly unlimited data at QR 150 and monthly unlimited data packages at only QR 250.

QR 10750 MB3 DAYS
QR 201.5 GB7 DAYS
QR 301 GB14 DAYS
QR 502 GB28 DAYS
1.8 GB7 DAYS
QR 602.5 GB28 DAYS
QR 804 GB28 DAYS
QR 1007 GB28 DAYS
QR 15014 GB28 DAYS
QR 20020 GB42 DAYS
QR 125100 GB then Unlimited 15Mbps7 Days
QR 250300 GB then Unlimited 3Mbps30 Days
  • Dial *200# or call helpline number 111 to activate these packages
  • Packages are valid for prepaid customers
  • terms and conditions applied

Vodafone Qatar New SIM Internet Packages

Prepaid new sim card packages starting from QR 30 which provides 3GB mobile data on high speed and unlimited internet on 128Kbps speed. With these, customers will also get 120 local calling minutes which can be used to call on any number in Qatar. Here are the internet and new SIM card packages details:

QR 303GB then Unlimited 128Kbps120 Local minutes30 DAYS
QR 608GB then Unlimited 256Kbps240 Local minutes30 DAYS
QR 1002.2GB (8 Days) – Unlimited@256Kbps1000 Flexi Minutes30 DAYS
QR 300UnlimitedUnlimited Local Calls + 100 Int’l Minutes30 DAYS

QR 300 monthly plan is unlimited for calling and internet. If customers want to get QR 300 combo package then they will receive unlimited local calls, unlimited high-speed internet data and 100 international minutes for 30 days. This SIM card is prepaid and can be got from any Qatar airport and store. Also, customers can book SIM cards online by going to the Vodafone Qatar website.

Vodafone Qatar Combo Internet Plans

These prepaid combo plans come with unlimited internet and free calling for 30 days of validity. Customers can activate any of the given packages by dialling 111 or visiting any nearest Vodafone Qatar store.

QR 601GB(7 Days)+8GB(High Speed) then Unlimited 256Kbps240 Local minutes
QR 1202GB(7 Days)+19GB(High Speed) then Unlimited 512Kbps500 Local Minutes
QR 1502GB(7 Days)+24GB(High Speed) then Unlimited 512Kbps750 Local Minutes
QR 30020GB High Speed then Unlimited @2Mbps+30GB NightUnlimited Local & 100 Int’l Min
QR 750500GB+Unlimited 15Mbps SpeedUnlimited Local & 500 int’l Min
  • Dial *200# to activate the packages
  • Night internet can be used between 10 PM to 4 AM daily

Vodafone Qatar Flexi Points Packages

Flexi Points are used to make calls, SMS, and use the Internet. Vodafone Qatar has introduced flexi points packages for its customers through which they can purchase points and use them for any purpose. With such offers, the mobile balance of the users is protected and it is not deducted even if there is no internet package.

30 PointsQR 51 Day*200*3005#
70 PointsQR 102 Days*200*1110#
150 PointsQR 207 Days*200*771#
450 PointsQR 5030 Days*200*45#
1000 PointsQR 10030 Days*200*1000#
Local Data: 7 points = 1MB
Local Calls: 1 Point = 1 Minute
International Call: 1 Minute = 1 to 30 Points 
SMS: 1 SMS = 1 Point

Recharge Data Plans

Customers can buy a recharge card for the data package and can activate it on their prepaid SIM card to use the internet. Here are the details of all recharge data plans. Vodafone has launched a new discount offer in which customers can get up to 5GB of data for free when they get Combo, Flex and Combo Plus packages.

Vodafone Qatar local data packages
PriceCard NameDataPoints
QR 60Internet 602.5 GB Data500 Flex
QR 80Internet 804 GB Data700 Flex
QR 100Internet 1007 GB Data1000 Flex
QR 200Internet 20020 GB Data3100 Flex

Vodafone Qatar Card Recharge Packages

These cards are available in all Vodafone Qatar retailers, shops and stores. Customers can easily activate these cards by dialling *777*card number#. By doing this the package will be activated and customers will use it without any hassle.

RechargeCreditFlexi PointsValidity
QR 5QR 5 Credit30 Points30 Days
QR 10QR 10 Credit70 Points30 Days
QR 20QR 20 Credit150 Points7 Days
QR 55QR 55 Credit475 Points30 Days
QR 100QR 100 Credit1000 Points30 Days
QR 150QR 150 Credit2050 Points30 Days
QR 200QR 200 Credit3100 Points30 Days
QR 300QR 300 Credit3750 Points30 Days
QR 500QR 500 Credit6250 Points30 Days

Flexi points can be used to make calls, send SMS, and use the internet without balance. After getting the card recharge voucher customers can easily use all services on points. Here are the details and usage terms of Flexi points used:

Local Data: 7 points = 1MB
Local Calls: 1 Point = 1 Minute
International Call: 1 Minute = 1 to 30 Points 
SMS: 1 SMS = 1 Point
  • To check the balance of the recharge card dial *130#
  • To activate & recharge the credit dial *777*number of the card#.

Vodafone Qatar Unlimited Internet Packages

Here is the list of all prepaid unlimited internet packages for all validities. Customers can activate these packages by using the Vodafone app or calling helpline 111.

PriceDataCalls & PointsValidity
QR 10260 MB Data70 Flex point3 Days
QR 20Unlimited Data @64Kbps + 512 MB150 Flex point7 Days
QR 303GB then Unlimited 128Kbps120 Local minutes30 Days
QR 30Unlimited Data @128Kbps + 3GB Night Data274 Flex point14 Days
QR 50Unlimited Data @128Kbps + 8GB Night525 Flex point30 Days
QR 601GB (7 Days) + 8GB (High Speed) then Unlimited 256Kbps240 Local minutes30 Days
QR 60Unlimited Data @256Kbps + 8GB Night610 Flex point30 Days
QR 808GB Night Data+ 2 GB854 Flex point30 Days
QR 1002.2GB (8 Days) – Unlimited@256Kbps1000 Flexi Minutes30 Days
QR 100Unlimited Data @256Kbps+ 16GB Night1,220 Flex point30 Days
QR 1202GB (7 Days) + 19GB (High Speed) then Unlimited 512Kbps500 Local Minutes30 Days
QR 1502GB (7 Days) + 24GB (High Speed) then Unlimited 512Kbps750 Local Minutes30 Days
QR 200Unlimited Data @2Mbps + 30GB Night3,782 Flex point30 Days
QR 300Unlimited Data @2Mbps + 30GB Night4575 flex points + Unlimited Local & 100 Int’l Min30 Days
QR 30020GB High Speed then Unlimited @2Mbps + 30GB Night30 Days
QR 500Unlimited Data @15Mbps+ 30GB Night7,625 Flex point30 Days
QR 750500GB+Unlimited 15Mbps SpeedUnlimited Local & 500 int’l Min30 Days
  • To activate any package dial *200#
  • Dial *130# to check the status of your data usage
  • Night data is usable from 10 PM to 4 AM

Flexi Points Usage

Flex PointsService
1 point7MB Data
147 points1GB Data
1 point1 Local Call Min
1 point1 Local SMS or International SMS
1 point1 Call Min to India
2 points1 Call Min to Nepal/Bangladesh
4 points1 Call Min to Pakistan/Philippines

5 points = 1 Int’l Minute for Bahrain, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), and Yemen.

Vodafone Qatar Tourist SIM Card Data Packages

Vodafone Qatar provides a selection of data packages designed especially for visitors. While visiting Qatar, you can stay connected and access the internet with these comfortable and affordable packages. Vodafone has a variety of data packages that are perfect for your needs, whether you need short-term or long-term access. With Vodafone’s tourist SIM card data packages, stay connected and take most of your time in Qatar.

14 Days Tourist SIM Package

Stay connected, enjoy fast internet, make calls, send messages, and roam hassle-free with Vodafone Tourist 14 Days offer. Send and receive up to 3000 local SMS messages, connect with the world using 100 international minutes, 22GB of GCC roaming data, and enjoy 50GB high-speed data with unlimited access at a reliable 3Mbps speed.

SIM Price$40 / QAR 145
Internet50GB High Speed + Unlimited @3Mbps Speed
Call3000 Local Minutes
SMS3000 Local SMS
International Call100 International Minutes
Roaming22GB GCC Roaming Data
Validity14 Days

7 Days Tourist SIM Package

For just $20/week, enjoy 22GB high-speed internet, 3000 local minutes, 3000 local SMS, 100 international minutes, and 22GB GCC roaming data, all valid for 7 days. See more details in the table:

SIM Price$20 / QAR 72
Internet22GB High Speed + Unlimited @3Mbps Speed
Call3000 Local Minutes
SMS3000 Local SMS
International Call100 International Minutes
Roaming22GB GCC Roaming Data
Validity7 Days

Vodafone Qatar MI-FI Packages

Vodafone Qatar MI-FI Packages

Customers can enjoy unlimited internet on Mi-Fi devices using these packages:

QR 25Unlimited@3Mbps (FUP 30GB)2 Days
QR 250Unlimited@3Mbps (FUP 300GB)30 Days
  • Packages are valid only for MIFI devices and data SIMs.
  • Subscribe dial *200*3030# or *100# or use the app.

Vodafone Postpaid Internet Packages

If you are using Vodafone postpaid SIM then you can use these packages to use the internet without any hassle.

2.5 GBQR 207 Days*110*2024#
25 GBQR 507 Days*110*525#
5GBQR 10Daily*100#
50GBQR 50Weekly*100#
100GBQR 100Monthly*100#

This is not the official website of Vodafone, you can visit its website by clicking on this link. All the packages offered and their prices are subject to change from time to time and at the discretion of the company. We will try our best to keep Vodafone Qatar’s internet packages updated. For more information, you can call 111.

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