Elon Musk Free Internet | Starlink FREE Satellite Internet

Elon Musk Free Internet | Starlink FREE Satellite Internet

Elion Musk’s free internet is currently working in many countries except polar regions. If you are in the courage then you can test free internet of Starlink satellite internet broadband connection. Elion Musk says that they want to provide satellite internet in all world of those areas where local internet companies are not providing the internet. Mobile phones Carriers, WIFI, Fiber, and broadband companies are not providing internet and other services in desolate areas. So, Elon has promised that they will provide satellite internet connection in 5% of places in the world.

Starlink FREE Satellite Internet

Currently, there are more than 1500 satellites in space that are providing more then 12 countries satellite internet connection. Elon says that SpaceX’s total investment in the one network cost $5 billion to $10 billion. So, it is very tough to reach these connection in all world. It is possible that In few years there will be at least 1 million activate users in 2022.

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Can We Use Elon Musk Free Internet?

Starlink is working with 2 largest telecom companies that have not introduced and named of this network. Elon Musk Free internet will be available in those countries where its courage is available. If you are in the list of 12 countries then you can use free internet on your mobile phones, Satellite Dishes, TV, desktops and other devices.

If this network will provide courage in all countries then we will be able to use internet in all places include forests and desolate places. It is possible to have free internet for 30 days or more. You can test free data on your Starlink TV and internet.

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The company has more then 1500 satellites which are providing 30 terabyte internet speed every second. in 12 countries this company is providing satellite internet connections. The company is launching an new satellite which will help to cover the polar regions. You can activate a new connection in $100 per month and its price and monthly rent can be low as you location.

The company will give you a satellite dish, a WIFI router and a tripod. For android and iPhone the starapp is available on Google playstore from which you can manage internet for your home and office. You can only get this connection in your area if you are listed in courage areas.

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Visit the https://www.starlink.com to get a new connection and to check your area courage.

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