Rogers offers 20GB Bonus Data

Rogers offers Some Customers 20GB Bonus Data

Rogers, a big phone company in Canada, did something nice this week. They gave a big gift to their “loyal customers.” They gave them 20GB of free data every month for 2 years! People were happy about this surprise. If you wanted to know if you got this gift, you just had to check your MyRogers account or follow these steps:

How to get Rogers 20GB Bonus Data

  • Visit the MyRogers website or use the MyRogers app to log in to your account.
  • Once logged in, look for any notifications or messages regarding your free 20GB data gift.
  • If you see the notification, congratulations! You now have 20GB of free data added to your plan every month for the next 2 years. Enjoy faster browsing, streaming, and staying connected.

Rogers wants to keep their customers happy, and this gift shows it.

Public Mobile’s Short 5G Trial

Another company, Public Mobile, tried something with their 5G network. They gave me a free trial, but it didn’t last long. We don’t know why they stopped it so quickly, but it tells us that 5G technology is changing fast.

When this comes, we will give you an update on You can see more plans and discounts on Public Mobile.

Telus Gives 3 Gigabit Internet in Western Canada

Telus, a big phone company, did something cool too. They started offering super-fast internet in Western Canada. Plans start at $115 per month. This fast internet will make people happy, especially when everyone needs the internet more and more.

Bell’s Holographic Meeting

Bell, with help from U.S. and U.K. companies, did something super cool. They had a meeting where people looked like holograms! This shows how technology is changing how we talk and work with people from far away.

They are offering discounted internet for all new and exciting customers. Currently, new customers can enjoy some free internet for 3 days, but existing customers do not have this opportunity.

Vidéotron’s New Services in Québec

Vidéotron is giving more people in Québec their services. They’re helping 37,000 more homes get better phone and internet services. They want to make sure more people have good connections.

You can also test this internet by applying it online and contacting the Videotron. They will give you a trial.

Government Projects: Better Internet for Rural Areas

The Canadian and British Columbia governments want to help people in the countryside get better internet. They’re putting $2.6 million into projects to make this happen. They know that good internet is important for everyone.


The phone and internet worlds are always changing. Rogers, Telus, Bell, and others are doing exciting things. From big data gifts to holographic meetings, these stories show how fast things are moving. As tech gets better and people’s needs change, telecom companies are working hard to keep up. You can get 20GB of data using our given method. Stay tuned for more news about phones and the internet!

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