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Cox Mobile Phone Plans – Unlimited Talk and Text, and Internet

Cox Mobile Phone Plans offers customers a variety of services that cater to their needs. Its prepaid services offer unlimited talk, text and internet at different prices. Here you are presented with all the prepaid packages and their prices that you can compare and buy according to your budget and needs.

With Cox Mobile’s unlimited internet plan, you can get 100 GB of internet which is unlimited but after 100 GB the speed will be reduced. With this plan, you get free national calls and texts that you can use anywhere in the country. Its 5G speed is very fast but you need a 5G phone to use it.

COX Mobile Phone Plans

First of all, we will present the information on 5G internet packages which is as follows. Cox mobile phone offers 2 types of prepaid mobile phone plans:

Gig Unlimited:

Cox Gig unlimited plan offers unlimited data at 5G internet speed FUP 100GB then unlimited on slow speed. It is available for $45 per month for one line or $30 per month per line for four or more lines.

Unlimited Data:

Cox mobile phone prepaid unlimited plan includes unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds. It is available for $40 per month for 1 line or $25 per month per line for 4 or more lines.

Cox Limited Data Plans

Cox Mobile also offers a variety of limited data plans, starting at $15 per month for 1GB of data, $20 for 2GB of data and $25 per month for 4GB of data. This internet is usable on a 5G network highest speed. Other limited data plans include:

  • 2GB Internet for $20 per month
  • 4GB Internet for $25 per month
  • 10GB Internet for $30 per month
  • 20GB Internet for $35 per month

If you are a Cox customer and want to save your money from unnecessary internet usage, prepaid is the only solution. You can activate the services according to your internet needs. After comparing all the plans and prices you can activate the service by calling the call center.


Cox also offers many more services like mobile hotspots, internet calling, device protection etc. Details of all these are given below.

Mobile Hotspots

You can get mobile hotspot service by paying $10 a month. With this, you can share the internet with your friends, relatives and loved ones.

Device protection

By paying the $12 per month, you can add device protection to your any active plan and cover your phone against accidental damage, loss, and theft. If your mobile phone is stolen and damaged company will claim it and will provide you with the same phone again.

International calling

For $15 per month, you can add international calling to your plan and make unlimited calls to select countries. By using these plans, you can call popular destinations, such as Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, China and more countries using this service. You can call any of the countries on the select list for as long as you want without any additional fees.

You can save a lot of when you activate an international calling plan on Cox SIM. It will prevent you from paying per minute by calling your friends families and loved ones.

To add international calling to your plan, you can contact Cox Mobile customer service at 1-866-399-3699 or visit the Cox Mobile website.

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