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DU Internet Packages & Offers – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

If you are a DU SIM card user and want to check out the latest DU internet packages, then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to share with you the latest DU internet Plans and offers. DU is a United Arab Emirates telecom network that offers prepaid, postpaid, and internet services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the whole country.

You can easily buy any package with prepaid and postpaid SIM cards online or using the app. With its latest plans and offers list, you will be able to compare each plan and find the best plan for you. The given packages are for prepaid and postpaid users.

Daily Internet Packages

100MBAED 3Dial *135#1 Day
30 MBAED 3.152 Minutes LocalDial *135*3#1#24 Hours
60 MBAED 2.1Dial *135*6#1 Day
120MBAED 3.15Social Data OnlyDial *135*5#1 Day
100MBAED 3.15Dial *135*6#1 Day
200MB AED 4Social Data OnlyDial *135*5#1 Day
150MBAED 3Dial *135*6#1 Day
300MB AED 4Social Data OnlyDial *135*5#1 Day

DU Daily Unlimited Internet Packages

Unlimited Data on 3MbpsAED 3*222#1 Hour
Unlimited Data on 3Mbps AED 5*222#2 Hour
  • DU unlimited data is valid for 1 and 2 hours only
  • Internet will be 3Mbps Mbps max on this package
  • Prices can be changed at any time.

DU Prepaid Emirati Package: Unlimited Social

Unlimited SocialAED 100 RechargeDial *055*786#Monthly
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter apps are usable

Monthly Internet Packages

Du offers many monthly internet or social packages to its prepaid customers. Users can check the list of prepaid internet packages and offers and select the best package for them. Some packages have free local calling minutes included.

25 GB + 15GB SocialAED 551.25Dial *135#1 Month
5GB + 3GB SocialAED 220.5Dial *135#1 Month
1GB + 1GB SocialAED 115.5Dial *135#1 Month
500MB + 500MB SocialAED 57.75Dial *135#1 Month
6GBAED 157.5150 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
3 GBAED 105100 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
1.5 GBAED 52.530 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
750MBAED 36.7515 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
25GB+15GB Social+25GB SocialAED 551.25Dial *135*3#1 Month
5GB+3GB Social+5GB WIFIAED 210Dial *135*3#1 Month
6GB+3GB WIFIAED 157.5150 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
1.1GB+1.1GB Social+1.5 GB WIFIAED 115.5Dial *135*3#1 Month
3GB+1.5 GB WIFIAED 105100 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
250MB+250 MB SocialAED 30Dial *135#1 Month
500MB+500MB SocialAED 55Dial *135#1 Month
1.1GB+1.1GB SocialAED 110Dial *135#1 Month
5GB+3GB SocialAED 210Dial *135#1 Month
25GB+15 SocialAED 525Dial *135#1 Month
155MB @192Kbps then UnlAED 50Dial *135*5#28 Days

With these internet packages, customers will get social internet data, which will be used for WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and GoChat.

Yearly Internet Packages

Data / MonthPriceFlexi Minutes / Month
2GBAED 318.530 Minutes
4GBAED 513.530 Minutes
6GBAED 643.530 Minutes
10GBAED 903.530 Minutes
  • These are yearly internet packages and add-ons
  • 12 Months contract signup
  • Send ‘Bal’ to 1355 to check the balance

There are WIFI networks available in all of the UAE, and customers can use them from all areas where WIFI is available. DU is providing free WIFI to its new and old customers, which can be obtained by activating any of the given packages. Customers must have the DU app to activate and deactivate any of the given internet packages.

Du Prepaid Emirate Plans Review

Emirates SIM users can take advantage of this offer and enjoy unlimited social data for one month. This special offer is designed for Emirates SIM users only. Here are the full details of this plan:

DataUnlimited Social
PriceAED 100
Validity30 Days
Valid for Emarati users
ActivationDial *055*786#

This offer is also designed for postpaid users. Prices and data are different for prepaid packages. Du internet packages are valid for calling and local data usage.

Postpaid Emirates Plans

PriceDataActivation CodeCalling
AED 20012GB1551500 minutes
AED 35024GB1551000 minutes
AED 50036GB1551500

Send the activation code to 1355, like sending 155 to 1355.

Only Data Plans

If you need only data, you can subscribe to these plans on your postpaid SIMs.

160MBAED 20Data 160MBA R
1GBAED 50Data 1GBA R
10GBAED 200Data 10GBA R

Send an activation code to 1355 to activate any given package.

Du Postpaid Fixed Line Packages

With these packages, customers can get local calling minutes, local internet data, and unlimited talk to special numbers.

Price/MonthDataNational CallFree Minutes to Numbers
AED 1503 GB600 minsN/A
AED 25012 GB1200 mins300 min to 1 Number
AED 45018 GB2400 mins600 min to 2 Numbers
AED 100050 GB5000 mins1000 min to 3 Numbers

What is the DU helpline number?

Du users can Call at 155 or 800155

How do I check the internet balance on my DU SIM?

Send Bal to 1355. You will receive an SMS with your balance information.

How to Receive Internet Settings on a Mobile Phone

Send a Message Du to 3300

Will I have to pay in Advance for a 12-month contract plan?

Yes, In some 12-month contract plans, customers have to pay an advance fee for activation.

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