Du Home Internet Packages and WIFI Plans

Du Home Internet Packages and WIFI Plans

Du is the best telecom network in the UAE that provides mobile phones, broadband, and fibre services in the United Arab Emirates. This network is mostly famous because of its cheapest internet packages and offers. If you want to get Internet for your home or are looking for a good connection, you can activate Du Home Internet Packages.

With these Plans, Du subscribers can also get TV channels and other programs like landline calling and add-ons. First of all, we will show you the data-only plans for homes in the UAE.

Du Home Internet Packages: Unlimited Plans

There are 2 du data-only plans for home with free internet calling, unlimited data, and a 5G-enabled router. You can activate any package for your home according to your budget and needs.

Home Wireless Plus
AED 199
Unlimited Data
3 months of free internet calling
5G-enabled router
Monthly Validity
No Contract is needed
20% discount per month on a 12-month contract
Home Wireless Entertainment
AED 299
Unlimited Data
3 months of free internet calling
5G-enabled router
Monthly Validity
No Contract is needed
20% discount per month on a 12-month contract

Home Wireless Plus

Du has 199 AED per month for internet at home, which we already told you in a review. This plan comes with unlimited internet and a 5G-enabled router. If customers get the plan on a 12-month contract, they can get 20% off for 3 months. This plan includes free internet calling for 3 months.

Home Wireless Entertainment

In this plan, you get one 5G router and also Disney, Amazon, and OSN for 12 months. If you buy a 12-month contract, you also get an additional 20% discount. If you don’t need any of these programs, you can opt for the AED 199 plan. Both of these plans offer unlimited internet, which can be easily run on a 5G router.

If you have 5G coverage, then you should buy this plan. With the help of this router, you can connect more than 6 devices and surf the internet. Customers also get free unlimited internet calling for a period of 12 months, which helps in using DU-supported apps.

You do not need to make a deposit to activate your account. Just buy the plan online or by visiting any Du store. You will receive a 5G router and a data SIM. Insert it into the device and turn on the router. When you start receiving WiFi signals, you can connect your devices to them. The WiFi password will be given on the Du router’s backside or cover.

Du Home Unlimited Internet Plans

If you are looking for Du unlimited internet packages for your home, then you can apply for these.

AED 29910Mbps
AED 34920Mbps
AED 39930Mbps
AED 699100Mbps
  • These plans include free internet calling
  • 12 months on Amazon Prime
  • All plans include standard Wi-Fi devices and a 100 Mbps included advanced WiFi device.

Du Home Plans Without Contract

There are many plans without contracts that Du is offering for new and exciting customers. You cannot get a discount by using these plans. You can change and cancel these plans at any time without incurring any extra charges or fees. All of these plans include free, unlimited landline calls.

250Mbps4091 Pack of your choice
1 HDTV receiver
500Mbps549Premium TV (1 Pack of your choice)
Ent Pack (19 TV Channels)
1 recordable HDTV receiver
600Mbps525Premium TV (1 Pack of your choice)
Ent Pack: (19 TV Channels)
Amazon Prime
1 recordable HDTV receiver
800Mbps1025Premium TV (1 Pack of your choice)
Ent Pack (19 TV Channels),
Amazon Prime
Ultimate Pack (16 Channels)
Essential Pack (1 Pack of your choice)
2 recordable HDTV Receivers
  • A WiFi router is included with all connections
  • You can enjoy up to 2,000 minutes of landline calling

How do I get a Du Home WiFi Connection?

All new and exciting customers can get this offer for their homes. If you are a visitor or come to Dubai for work, you can also get it for your room and use it on multiple devices. To get a new connection, you do not need to pay an advance fee or security fee or sign any contract. The subscription method is very easy; just follow these steps:

  1. Select the Du Home internet package from the list
  2. Go to the Du store or retailers or visit www.du.ae
  3. Select a plan and apply it online
  4. You need an Emirates ID, proof of residency, Tenancy contract or utility bill
  5. Upload all documents online
  6. Select the payment method and pay the package fee
  7. Fill in all the information correctly like your name, email, address and phone number
  8. A Wi-Fi router and a SIM card will be sent to your provided address within 24 hours
  9. Call 155 to activate the SIM card

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