Best Jazz Unlimited Internet Data Packages

Jazz is the best telecom network in Pakistan that is offering internet, calling, and value-added services to its new and exciting customers. Whether you are searching for Jazz’s unlimited internet data plan or Jazz’s affordable daily, weekly, and monthly plans, you can get them here.

On 3G, 4G, and 5G networks in Pakistan, we don’t know how much data we have used on our Jazz SIM. That’s why we have come up with Jazz Unlimited Internet Packages for you after thorough research. Jazz has provided its customers with various types of daily internet packages, the details of which are as follows:

Jazz Daily Unlimited Internet Packages

Daily Mega Package1000 MBRs. 25Dial *117*4#
Weekly Mega Package7000 MBRs. 100Dial *117*4#
Monthly Mega Package25000 MBRs. 300Dial *117*4#

Users who need internet for a short period of time can activate a Jazz daily internet package on their Jazz SIM. This way, they can save money on extra internet packages.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Package NamePriceMBsActivationValidity
Weekly Mega210 PKR7 GB*159#7 days
Weekly Super260 PKR10 GB*505#7 days
Weekly Super Plus310 PKR12 GB*507#7 days
Weekly Super Max417 PKR15 GB*506#7 days

For those who are going on tours or traveling somewhere, these offers are mostly interesting and affordable. Jazz offers weekly internet offers to all its surfers, which include unlimited internet packages as well as some free add-ons. You can activate any plan of your choice from the given Jazz weekly internet price list.

Jazz Monthly Unlimited Internet Packages

Package NamePriceMBsActivationValidity
Monthly Extreme260 PKR10 GB*117*32#30 days
Monthly Super399 PKR15 GB*117*33#30 days
Monthly Mega499 PKR20 GB*117*34#30 days
Monthly Ultra599 PKR25 GB*117*35#30 days
Monthly Giga799 PKR30 GB*117*36#30 days
Monthly Tera1099 PKR40 GB*117*37#30 days
Monthly Freedom1564 PKR100 GB*733#30 days

With Jaz Monthly Internet Plans, you can get a lot of benefits and use the internet without worrying. Prices for all Jazz monthly internet packages listed here are subject to change depending on region and time.

Jazz Unlimited Social Internet Plans

Package NamePriceMBsActivationValidity
Daily Social15 PKR1 GB*968#24 hours
Weekly Social50 PKR3 GB*546#7 days
Monthly Social215 PKR10 GB*661#30 days
Monthly Social Plus275 PKR10 GB*617#30 days
  • Social packages are valid for Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps
  • Monthly Social Plus: Include 300 on-net, 50 off-net, and 1000 SMS

In Pakistan, each company offers different types of services to its customers, as well as different prices and internet access. In this modern era, having unlimited internet is a must because, without it, you cannot complete any work. So, the best way is to use unlimited-data SIM cards and providers.

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