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AT&T Landline Phone Plans & Prices – LONG DISTANCE

AT&T has been working in the United States for more than 100 years. A Landline phone service is available for long-distance and has the latest features. Stay connected with your family and friends with AT&T’s home phone plans. With long-distance plans, you can make calls to local and nationwide long-distance services across the U.S.

The nationwide phone service is available in Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, California, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.


This plan is available for $41 or less. With this plan, residents of the United States can make unlimited local voice calls. It is a reliable connection for which Optional long-distance calling is also available. Flat Rates and service charges depend on your area. You can subscribe to any cheapest AT&T landline service that meets your needs.

Price / Charges$41 per month
Local CallingUnlimited*
911 ServiceYes


  • Optional long-distance calling is also available.
  • Reliable connection
  • Primary residential phone number
  • Unlimited local calling


The monthly rent for this plan is $55. Complete Choice Enhanced has more value to offer. While you are travelling, this plan helps you make unlimited long-distance calls. Also, users will get the 12 most popular and important features with a complete choice plan.

Price / Charges$55 per month
Long-distance callingOptional Unlimited*
911 ServiceYes


  • Rates vary by state
  • Call-waiting service
  • Optional unlimited long-distance calling
  • Call forwarding service
  • Return Call Free service
  • Missed Call Dailing


A traditional home phone service is the best for a low budget. You can get unlimited local calling and international calling at low rates. A traditional mobile phone is more durable than other new mobile phones. A traditional mobile phone is fine for people living at home and the elderly. It allows you to make calls and text messages.


  • Per minute calling
  • Unlimited calling
  • International plan

You can enjoy any of the given plans from AT&T landline and long-distance plans. The plan’s prices were changed from $51 to $55 and from $37 to $41 per month. We will keep updating this page when its prices change.

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