WhatsApp HD Videos Sharing Features is Rolling Out

WhatsApp HD Videos Sharing Features is Rolling Out

WhatsApp, which is the most used app around the world, keeps getting new updates every day. WhatsApp HD Videos Sharing Features is Rolling Out now, you can share videos in HD on WhatsApp. In the current WhatsApp, we don’t have the option to share videos in HD, which sometimes makes us feel cramped.

With this new update to WhatsApp, users can easily upload 480px and 720px videos and share them with anyone. This function will be launched very soon, and users will be able to benefit from it.

Sometimes, we make videos with our friends or relatives at events. But there was a limit on WhatsApp for sharing them with them. Due to this, it became very difficult to share videos. With the help of this new update, this has also become easier.

This is not for a single OS, but this update will be for both Android and Apple iPhone users. This update will be launched by WhatsApp very soon.

How to Send Videos on Whatsapp in HD (480px or 720px)

After this new update of WhatsApp is launched, you can use it. You must update WhatsApp from your mobile’s Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can send videos by following these few steps.

  1. Update Whatsapp on your device.
  2. Choose a video that you want to share with anyone.
  3. Whatsapp will show your 2 options, 480px or 720px, while sharing or uploading it
  4. Select any option 480px for Low HD and 720px for HD.
  5. Now, share the videos.

This is a fantastic feature that every WhatsApp user has been waiting for. A very important feature is that the video also will be end-to-end encrypted. It means your videos will be safe; any third party cannot see this. You must update the app to enjoy this great feature on your WhatsApp.

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