Five SIM Number Check Code

How to Check Five SIM Number in UAE – Code & Method

If you have a Five sim card but you don’t know its number then you must be having trouble using it. Because the SIM number is not known, it becomes very difficult to recharge it and thus it can be used for calls, and the internet. This SIM card is rarely used in Dubai, so few people know about it. Here I am going to give you complete information on how you can find Five SIM number. You can also check the Five SIM number without balance easily.

First of all, you will get the SIM number from your given SIM card. If you have a SIM box or card, the SIM number is given on it. You can easily find your number from there. If you don’t have that box, you can find your SIM number by following the method below.

Methods to Check Five SIM Number

You can check your Five SIM number by using this easy method:

  • Dial *101# from your phone and press the dial button
  • Reply it with ‘1’ Account Management
  • Now, reply with 3 Account information and press the send button
  • Again, reply with 3 Knew my number and press the send button
  • Your number will appear on your mobile screen
  • Save your number in any safe place

Check the number by Calling & Texting Someone

This method is known to every person but sometimes it is not in our mind at all. If you have a balance in your SIM, you can easily find out your SIM number by calling or sending a message to any friend or relative’s number. This is a very good and quick number finding process. You cannot use this method if there is no balance in the SIM.

Five SIM Card is a subsidiary of Etisalat that provides calls, internet, and other telecom services to customers. For more information, you can call the helpline at 800 544 or 166 and get more information about your number. I hope that this trick will help you to find the Five UAE number.

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