How to Cancel DU Home Wifi Services UAE

How to Cancel DU Home Wifi Services UAE

DU is the most famous network in Dubai/ UAE. If you live in UAE you must know about this network. If you have activated the home WIFI service at your room or home and you want to cancel your contract then you can follow the given steps. After using these steps your connection will be suspended.

Why You want to Cancel DU Home WIFI Service

Many people come to work in the UAE from all over the world and spend many years here. Because there are all kinds of work and good pay here, people take a room or a house. In this age of development, access to the Internet is a must, because if we need information about anything, we can only rely on the Internet. People can get a Wi-Fi connection in Dubai so that they can easily do all kinds of work on the internet. When their contract expires, where they work, or their visa expires, they have to leave everything behind and return home. So we have to cancel the Wi-Fi connection.

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How to cancel DU WIFI connection without going DU office or franchise

If you want to cancel this Wi-Fi connection at home instead of going anywhere, you have two options that you can follow to turn off the Wi-Fi connection. You can cancel the WIFI DU connection by calling their helpline number and by filling the form.

  1. Cancel the DU Connection by Calling

Just call at DU service helpline number 00-971-4290-5555 and say them to cancel your home WIFI connection. You can cancel this service also when your contract is remaining. They will close your connection in 30 minutes after submitting the request by calling.

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2. Cancel DU WIFI by Filling Form

It is also simple. You have to need to fill this form and send it to the DU website. You can do it from your desktop or mobile phone easily. Just download the DU cancellation form and send it to the DU website by contacting email [email protected].

Required Documents

Expired / Cancel VisaCopy of ID registered in du
Proof of payment
Copy of Visa Cancellation & Exit Stamp
Outside of the UAECopy of valid UAE visa page
Proof of payment*
Copy of ID registered in du
Moved out of the UAE Copy of Emirates ID
Proof of payment*
Enquire copy of passport and exit stamp

After doing it all your connections will close in 5 minutes. If you are out of the country then you need to provide an international number that is in your use so that company contacts you if they need any type of help etc. You have to need to pay all your bills that need to pay or cancellation fees if required.

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For more information, you can visit the DU office along with the required documents for the cancellation of your home wifi connection. After filling the form your connection will be closed or canceled in 5 minutes. If you are going out of the country on Visa then you have to need to provide your Visa copy. Those customers who have TV services or Wifi routers etc at their home that owner is DU, You need to return all devices at their office.

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