Top 5 Most Used Apps on Android Phones in 2021

Top 5 Most Used Apps on Android Phones in 2023

Here I will show you the most used apps on android phones in 2023. Thousands of famous games and apps are running on mobile phones. Everyone has their own needs and their own choice of apps and games on their smartphones. When someone buys a new mobile phone do you know more than 70% of people install the Whatsapp app on their smartphones? Because it is an important app nowadays and everyone needs messaging and chatting. Here is the list of the most famous apps on the internet which are always installed on 70% of android phones.

Most Used Apps on Android Phones in 2023

When someone buys a new and used mobile phone, they, first of all, install Whatsapp on their phones. On the second number, they install the Facebook and TikTok apps mostly in Pakistan and India. These apps are very important in life because without Whatsapp we cannot chat and make video calls. Another app is Facebook which is auto-installed in our smartphones when we buy a new and used it every phone.

1. Whatsapp (Instant Messaging and Audio and Video Call Application)

Whatsapp is an Instant messaging and audio and video call freeware for android phones, Apple phones, PC and Tablets. When someone buys a new phone he/she will install first of all this app and register their account. It is an American freeware for all devices. It has become a special part of our life without which it would be a little difficult to live. With this app, we can make video calls, recordings, and audio calls and you can share any type of file with others in a few seconds. You can check anyone’s mobile phone, whether it is small or big, and WhatsApp will be installed on it.

Features of Whatsapp:

  • You can send the Documents and important files
  • Can make Audio and Video Calls
  • Group Voice and Video Calls
  • Instant Messaging Service (End to End encrypted)
  • Voice Messages
  • Can make Groups for your family and friends
  • Can make Group calls
  • Show your Mod by Status
  • Useful for business & marketing (Whatsapp business)
  • Available for Android, IOS, Tablets and PC
  • Available in more than 180 Countries

2. Facebook

Facebook is the most famous app in the world. People share here their moments, pictures, videos, moods, and updates about their status. Facebook is the most popular platform for everyone in the world. People find and make new friends from all over the world. This is available on PC, Mobile phones, and tablets, and on all devices. I think there is no one who does not know about this platform.

What the Features Facebook Gives

  • You can share your life events
  • Share your Pictures and Videos
  • Upload your status and share your Mood
  • Chat with your friends
  • Make new friends from all over the world
  • Audio and Video Calls
  • Instant Messaging on mobile phones and PC
  • Make Groups and Pages
  • Create and Share your Bussiness Pages
  • Add 5000 Friends to your friendliest

There are many other features of Facebook. You can signup for Facebook for free and can make new friends from all over the world. Facebook allows users to create pages, Groups and share their life moments with their friends.

3. TikTok

Tiktok has become the world’s most used app like Facebook and Whatsapp. People share short videos of 30 seconds and show their talent. You can find comedy, stories, funny, sad, dramas, movies, singing, and every type of video here that people share here. Those people who want to become famous as a Star enjoy this app. This app is being used very fast in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UAE and all over the world. Here people upload their own videos, such as funny videos, fun videos, and more. People definitely use this app to pass their time. Many people are also earning money with this app. The person who becomes more famous here is also paid.

4. MX Player

This is one of the best video playing software that everyone must use in their mobile phone. Most of the people use this software because it has a system to play both audio and video. In addition, users can easily play Full HD Movies, MKV Files, Mp4, HD, and 2K Results Movies. This player can easily play HD video even if one has a small mobile phone. Movies dubbed in it can be easily viewed, while this thing you can hardly find in other video players. You can run videos in the background as the music can be set in the MX player settings.

5. Vidmate App

This is a very popular video-downloading app. People mostly use this app to download videos from YouTube. In addition, users who use this app can easily listen to and download audio songs of their choice. You can easily download your favourite movies from here. The best option is to convert movies to any size and download them. Mobile apps, games and other files can also be easily installed. This app is not available on Google Play Store but people can get it by visiting their official website.


All of these apps are widely and widely used around the world. If you look at their most used and installed, you will find a lot of their users in Asia. An estimated 70% of people install these apps. All of Google’s apps, such as Google Play Store, YouTube, YouTube Kids, Google Photos, Google Drive, and even its popular apps are used by more than 90% of people because they are now a necessity in our lives. This post is just for educational purposes only. We will try to keep update to you with the latest and new android news, reviews and updates.

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