How to Make Money with Udhaar App

Udhar Khata App Reviews, Easyload Commission Details

Udhaar app was launched by the Toko Lab Inc. company and now, this company is providing earning sources for its customers. You can save your business and loan information here which can be accessed from anywhere without having any notebook.

How Udhaar App Works?

If you have a store and you have borrowed a book, this app will help you a lot. The company has created an app called KhataBook so that all calculations can now be done digitally. This allows you to easily add your customer’s address and save all transactions to your mobile phone. Your all data is saved in the cloud storage of this app and you can get back easily by just installing the app.

If your mobile phone breaks down or someone deletes the app, there is nothing to worry about. Because after you reinstall the app on any mobile phone, as soon as you log in with your ID, it will give you back your oldest account just like you left it.

Suppose your customer has borrowed something from you for Rs.100 and the old balance is also written to you, then the Udhaar App will send a message on his mobile number with detail of all balances.

Udhaar App EasyLoad / Recharge Facility and Earning

Now the company has added another thing in this app and that is mobile phone recharge. Shopkeepers can send easy load to any company number through this app and earn a good commission. We had to have a separate SIM for each network when some companies had easy load but with the help of this app, we can now send easy load to any company from just one mobile phone and also earn 2.5% commission.

How to Make Money with Udhaar App by recharge balance. Whenever you send EasyLoad to any number, the company will send you back 2.5% to your account which will be your profit. You can do an EasyLoad on Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor networks. To start calling easyload on the Udhaar app do these simple steps.

A) Create Account

Open the Udhaar App and log in to Your Account. If you have not created your account yet then first install the app and create an account.

B) Open the Easyload tab

Tap on the easyload button which is located in the center of the button menu. Now, Tap on the “Easyload bechein” and set up a 4 digit PIN. Enter the location of your shop.

C) Add Balance from your account

Tap on the add balance option and enter your bank account details. You can add a balance from your Easypaisa, JazzCash, or HBL account. After enter, the amount verify OTP and confirm it. The balance will be added to your Udhaar App.

D) Earn Commission by Salling Load

Sale easyload of any network in Pakistan and earn a commission of 2.5% of recharge amount. You will get chargeback after selling the recharge.

Earn money by inviting people

Earn money by inviting friends too? ! after reading this Happiness must have come to your face. I know many of the people who came here are looking for a source of earning. I have already added a post where I write about Snack Video App earning methods. You can read it and can start making online money by uploading videos on your mobile phone. This app is also providing Rs.20 rupees to invite friends, family, and non-app users.

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You can earn Rs. 20 rupees from Udhaar App digital Khata Book by inviting people. Once your friend or invited person joins the app using your Invitation code and enters two transactions, you will get Rs.20 in your udhaar Khata Book account. You can withdraw it from your JazzCash, Easypaisa, and HBL accounts.

How to Invite:

  • Tap on “Paise Kamain”
  • tap on Share button and invite to all contacts
  • Share link on Social networks
  • Share link on Whatsapp and friends
  • You will earn 20 rupees on each friend join.


Maybe this app will launch soon to pay the utility bills, Sui Gass Bills, or Wapda Bills. When it will launch we will update this post soon. I hope you have read all this and understood How to Make Money with Udhaar App. If anyone has questions about this app or isn’t getting paid to use it, they can comment. We will do our best to answer you.

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