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Snack Video Reviews, Popularity & Payment Methods

The snack Video app is going on the trend and millions of people are joining this app to start earning online from mobile. This app was launch in Pakistan in the Competition of TikTok Video sharing app.

About 70% of the people living in Pakistan use the Internet and are using the TikTok app. TikTok starts to paying money from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500 per customer for creating a new account. We can use it to recharge only on a mobile. Seeing the growing number of users of this app, another app called Snack Video was released which started giving people money to create accounts. The two companies competed fiercely and continued to pay users more than each other.

Easypaisa Account Sending and Receiving Limit, Details

People didnโ€™t trust the Snack Video app yet, but when Snack Video was introduced by the most popular anchors, TikTok Stars then the people started joining it too. There are many such people on the Snack Video app at the moment who are earning more than Rs 30,000 a month. And it really is. The Snack Video app offers new customers a free balance of up to Rs. 500 which they can send to their JazzCash account, EasyPaisa, and any bank account but it was not in TikTok.

Can we Earn Money From the Snack Video App

Yes! You can easily make money with the Snack Video app. There are different types of procedures. Many people are making money by uploading videos and many people are making money by sending their invitation codes to other people and joining them.

Now, it is your selection that which method you want to use. Many people ask the question that how can we earn money by uploading the videos on Snack App. Keep in mind that the Snack video pays you for your original content only. If you cheat and upload copied videos then you will not be paid. Use only your own recording and write a description clearly about the video. Snack video pays only for the viral video which has original content. Users can check their daily earning by going to Profile>Snack Creator Reward. If you have not applied for this then apply it before creating videos.

If you are new to this app then try content making. Create your own videos and upload them to your account. If your account goes viral then you will start earning. The company will give you a reward in a gift or by payments. They can also fix your monthly salary for doing your work. I have also earned more than 45,000 rupees in 3 months by inviting people to join this program. You can also invite your friends, family, and those people who have not install or use this app.

By watching the videos and joining anyone you will receive coins which will change in money on the next day. After completing the payment you can withdraw it from your account.


How Much Snack Pay per 1000 Views?

Snack Pay estimated Rs.100 rupees per 10,000 Views of video. You will get only paid if your content is original or have many views.

How Much can I earn from refer program?

Snack Pay Rs.250 if the user refers someone and the other user watches videos for 7 days.

How Much Money Can I make from Snack Video App?

Users can make more than 60,000 per month by upload videos and invite to new users. Snack gives new housers up to Rs 3,000 so that they can make more money through this app. The multiple people you will join then you will be paid more money every day. The snack video app was paying Rs.500 rupees for each invitation and now, it is paying Rs.300 for each invitation. Keep in mind that only in one condition you will get paid if the invited person watches videos for the 7 days and complete his/her profile.

How to Withdraw money from Snack Video?

Go to the profile settings, Tap on Earning and then tap on withdraw. Select the bank account or Easypaisa or JazzCash. Enter the account number and withdraw.

How to Join Snack Video and Start Earning?

  1. Open the Google Play Store and install the Snack Video App
  2. Enter the date of birth and tap on continue
  3. Enter youe email, full name and contact number
  4. verify mobile number by entering the received code
  5. Now, Go to earning tab and enter the invitation code
  6. Tap on Bind Code and ENTER the โ€œ648 936 254โ€œ
  7. You will get 100,000 coins or more by the offer

Now, you can watch videos, invite friends, and then you can earn money online in Pakistan through the snack video app. I hope this post will help you to know the review about the snack video app. you can ask about any problem with the snack app in the comments and I will try to reply to you as soon as possible.


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