Not Receiving WhatsApp Messages unless Open the App

Not Receiving WhatsApp Messages unless I Open the App

Sometimes there is happened that we are not receiving WhatsApp messages unless we open the app. This issue mostly occurs with thousands of people worldwide. Unfortunately, we have turned on sleep mode in our mobile phone settings. I have seen this case on many devices. If you have an IOS 14 then this problem also comes to you. WhatsApp’s notifications not working in Android 11 and WhatsApp notifications not showing on the home screen are the same issues. We will discuss here its solution and how we can check the issue and solve it.

Not Receiving WhatsApp Messages Solution

Many people have this issue. Most of these cases are found in Android 11. We will solve the problem of Android 11 first because it is used a lot. There are many options that we don’t know about in our android phones. Some apps and functions are extra for us Because they are of no use to us.

When we buy a new mobile phone and set it up in a new way, we have some redundant apps that we disable by going to settings. But even with that, we start to see ads in some apps that we can’t block in any way. New mobile phones have an app to remove junk notifications that prevent any kind of notifications from being shown. And so there are some settings that turn off apps running in the background on a mobile phone.

WhatsApp messages Not received unless I open the app Android 11

Android users follow these settings to solve this problem. WhatsApp’s notifications not working, Android 11 solved.

1. Turn ON Notifications in mobile Settings

  • Go to mobile phone settings
  • Search and open the Apps & notifications settings
  • Find WhatsApp and tap on it
  • Tap on notifications and turn it on
  • Turn all notifications in it and check the problem

If your mobile phone has this problem, then it will solve. I case you have received the message or calls, but notification is not appearing, then in the app settings, its notifications can be off. So, first, you have to need to check this setting, and if the issue is not solved then try other settings.

2. Turn OFF Do not disturb mode in sound settings

Too many people have this setting turned on, so they don’t receive notifications from WhatsApp and other apps. Whenever they check WhatsApp, they get a call or a message, but they don’t get a notification. Try this method to check and turn off this setting.

  • Open the mobile phone settings
  • find the sound option and tap on it
  • Now, Tap on ‘do not disturb mode
  • If it is turned On, then turn it off by tapping on “Turn off now” at the end of setting
  • Check the notification by calling and sending a message on your WhatsApp

3. Check the Phone Master App Settings

If this setting is on, then you will come here by searching the WhatsApp notification not showing on the home screen issue. The biggest issue with this app is that after turning on its settings, mobile phone messages stop showing. It was installed on the mobile phone so that you can block notifications of unnecessary apps. But sometimes WhatsApp also turns on in this setting and its notifications are turned off. Follow the settings below to fix this.

Check the Notification Setting

When WhatsApp messages on your mobile phone start coming in very fast, this app blocks the notifications of the mobile phone to keep it safe. Then you can turn on WhatsApp notifications by following these settings.

  • Open your mobile phone menu
  • Find the Phone Master app
  • Go to the toolbox and tap on notifications management
  • Find the WhatsApp app and check its notifications setting
  • If its notifications setting is off, then turn it on
  • Check the issue of the notification by sending a message on WhatsApp
  • The problem will be solved.

Turn Off Messages in Security

  • Open the phone master app and go to its homepage
  • Tap on the second last option “Message Security”
  • Check the list of apps that are protected
  • Uncheck the WhatsApp and tap on protect
  • Now come back and check the issue.

Message security is a very special thing. The security option in this app automatically appears on the screen, and many users are unaware of this and turn it on. When both the Messages and Calls options are not showing on your WhatsApp, the Messages Security option will be turned on in your mobile phone. You can set your WhatsApp, Facebook and any app notifications using these solutions.

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