Afghan Wireless (AWCC) Prepaid SIM Rates & Plans

Afghanistani wireless network Afghan Wireless is offering prepaid top SIM to its users. This is a 4G network that is providing an amazing speed of 4.7G in Afghanistan. Here we will provide you with AWCC Family prepaid SIM card plan, Call rates, SMS rates, internet rates and international call rates. If you are new to this network and you want to know some information then read this post fully. There is another Afghan mobile phone SIM card called Afghan Wireless WA WA Top SIM.

Afghan Wireless (AWCC) Prepaid SIM Rates

New SIM Price75 Afs
On-net Call Rate2.4 Afs/min
Off-net Call Rate2.4 Afs/min
On-net Message Rate2.4 Afs/SMS
Off-net Message Rate2.4 Afs/SMS
International Message Rate10 Afs
Migration CodeDial *298*1#
FNF Number Allowed*1 Number
FNF RateCall 0.75 Afs/min & SMS 0.75 Afs
Initial Balance (New SIM)100 MB + 30 Minutes + 30 SMS
Same Plan Call Rate2.4 Afs/min

AWCC / Afghan Wireless prepaid Top SIM card price is Afs 75. Customers can easily buy prepaid SIM cards from any nearest franchise or retailer shop. After purchasing a new SIM card customers will receive 100 MB of internet, 30 Minutes for calling (On-net) and 30 SMS (On-Net). The preload benefits will expire in 30 days.

How to Check the Remaining Minutes, SMS and internet on AWCC Top SIM?

Here are the free resources checking methods that any prepaid Top SIM user can use.

Voice Call Minute Check*367*51*4#
SMS Check*367*52*4#
Internet Check*367*50*4#

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