Afghan Wireless Super WIFI Packages for Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Afghan Wireless AWCC is the most famous and highest-speed internet service provider in Afghanistan. If you live in Afghanistan then you will know about this network. Now, AWCC is providing mobile phone prepaid SIM cards at low cost and cheap packages. If you are using an Afghan Wireless SIM card then you should know about its latest packages. But here, We will discuss Afghan Wireless Super WIFI Packages. Those users who use WIFI services in Afghanistan must read these package lists before activation of a new connection.

Afghan Wireless Super WIFI Packages

Data PackagesPriceValidity
50MB20 AFN2 Hours
100MB30 AFN24 Hours
1GB250 AFN7 Days
3GB400 AFN30 Days
5GB600 AFN30 Days
10GB1200 AFN30 Days
20GB2350 AFN30 Days
40GB4,600 AFN30 Days
50GB5,700 AFN30 Days
100GB10,500 AFN30 Days
150 GB15,000 AFN30 Days
70 GB7,500 AFN30 Days

If you are new in Afghanistan then you should know about Afghanistan network coverage. By reading this customers can easily know and match the device with network bands. For more information on any package activation, you can call the Afghan Wireless WIFI helpline number 123. If you have modem devices then you can also read the Afghan Wireless Modem packages details here.

How to activate internet packages on Afghan Wireless?

Dial 152 to activate and renew any internet package.

What is WIFI helpline number?

WIFI helpline number is 123.

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