Afghan Wireless WA WA TOP SIM Plans & Details

Customers can make unlimited calls on any network in Afghanistan. This network has two types of mobile phone connections in which one is the WA WA Top SIM and the other is Afghan Wireless Prepaid Top SIM. Customers can choose the best SIM after comparing them.

Afghan Wireless WA WA Top SIM Plan & Deals

Customers can enjoy these internet plans on 4.75G fasted internet. The packages and plans are given below and customers easily can get these SIM cards from any Afghan Wireless franchise.

RechargeInternet MBsValidity
50 AFS250 MB5 days
100 AFS400 MB5 days
150 AFS500 MB5 days
250 AFS750 MB5 days
500 AFS1.25 GB5 days
1000 AFS2.5 GB7 days
>= 2500 AFS6.25 GB7 days

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