Afghan Wireless Voice Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

While living in Afghanistan Enjoy non-stop calling with Afghan Wireless AWCC on all networks with the lowest plans. Afghan Wireless is offering night call packages, weekly call packages, daily call packages, monthly call packages and international call packages. Afghan Wireless Voice Call Packages are available for prepaid customers. By activating these packages Afghan Wireless users can easily call at a cheap price. Afghan Wireless has a prepaid Top SIM card that is available at Afs 75 and customers can easily subscribe to packages on it.

Some of the packages have internet services and users have never activated Afghan Wireless internet packages apart. They can get free SMS without subscribing to SMS packages and international minutes without subscribing to any SMS package.

Afghan Wireless Voice Call Packages (Local Rates)

Here are the full details of Afghan Wireless Call packages that customers can read and also compare to choose the best plan they need. Simply choose the best package and do a recharge (required balance) and dial its subscription code.

Andiwali Bundles Freedom Call Packages

20 Minutes10 Minutes20 Afs1 Day*255*10*1#
60 Minutes40 Minutes80 Afs7 Days*255*8*1#
200 Minutes100 Minutes200 Afs30 Days*255*9*1#

Bemesal Voice Call Packages

Voice MinutesPriceValidityActivation
20 Minutes50 AFN1 Days*255*1*1#
70 Minutes150 AFN30 Days*255*2*1#
250 Minutes450 AFN30 Days*255*3*1#
650 Minutes900 AFN30 Days*255*4*1#

Bemesal Offer Details:

  • Free Calling minutes can be used on On-net and Off-net networks
  • These minutes cannot be used for international
  • These packages are not valid for roaming
  • For details call at 152 or  0700-830-830
  • Customers can check remainig minyres by dialing 4# in the end instead 1# instead *255*1*1#


On-Net Mints/SMSInternetPriceActivationValidityBalance Check
1100 Minutes/SMS500 MB220 AFS*255*220*1#30 DAYS(Mints) *255*220*4#
(SMS) *255*220*5#
(Data) *255*220*6#
1500 Minutes/SMS2GB399 AFS*255*399*1#30 DAYS(Mints) *255*399*4#
(SMS) *255*399*5#
(Data) *255*399*6#
20 Minutes/SMS20MB15 AFS*255*15*1#24 HOURS(Mints) *255*15*4#
(SMS) *255*15*5#
(Data) *255*15*6#
60 Minutes/SMS60MB30 AFS*255*30*1#24 HOURS(Mints) *255*30*4#
(SMS) *255*30*5#
(Data) *255*30*6#
  • These Minutes and SMS are valid for Afghan Wireless numbers (On-net)
  • Internet can be used on 3G & 4G networks
  • Speed will depends on network signals, Area and user device.

Daily Voice Call Packages

Voice MinutesPriceActivationBalance CheckValidity
15 Minutes10 AFN*233*3*1#*233*3*4#1 Day
50 Minutes15 AFN*233*15*1#*233*15*4#1 Day
100 Minutes25 AFN*233*1*1#*233*1*4#1 Day
600 Minutes10 AFN*212*1*1#*212*1*4#10:00 PM – 6:00 AM
20 Minutes Local30 AFN*255*6*1#*255*6*4#1 Day

Weekly Voice Call Packages

PriceVoice MinutesValidityActivationBalance Check
46 AFN200 Minutes7 Days*555*7*1#*555*7*4#
80 AFN500 Minutes7 Days*233*8*1#*233*8*4#
135 AFN650 Minutes7 Days*233*7*1#*233*7*4#

Monthly Voice Call Packages

PriceCall MinutesValidityActivationBalance Check
300 AFN2000 Minutes30 Days*233*4*1#*233*4*4#
499 AFN6600 Minutes30 Days*233*2*1#*233*2*4#
180 AFN1000 Minutes30 Days*233*9*1#*233*9*4#
  • Customers can subscribe to daily, weekly and monthly call packages using USSD codes
  • Users have need required balance in SIM before dialing activation code
  • Customers of Afghan Wireless prepaid and postpaid can call at 152 for bundle details
  • Other network users who live Afghanistan can call at 0700 830 830 for any inquiry.

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