Afghan Wireless 3G/4G Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Enjoy Afghan Wireless non-stop internet offers 4G highest speed internet. Afghan Wireless is the No.1 fastest 4G telecom network in Afghanistan which is famous and mostly used due to its prepaid internet packages, WIFI connections and Super WIFI devices packages.

Afghan Wireless 3G/4G Internet Packages

InternetPriceValidityActivationBalance Check
90 MB10 AFN24 Hours*477*1*1#*477*1*2#
200 MB15 AFN24 Hours*477*15*1#*477*15*2#
400 MB30 AFN24 Hours*477*2*1#*477*2*2#
1GB50 AFN24 Hours*477*50*1#*477*50*2#
60MB Facebook4 AFN24 Hours*232*1*1#*232*1*2#
1GB25 AFN24 Hours
(0:00AM to 7:00AM)
*477*25*1# *477*25*2#

1GB data package is usable only for a night and valid from (0:00 AM to 7:00 AM). Facebook users can subscribe to daily Facebook Afghan Wireless offers by dialling *232*1*1#.

Afghan Wireless Weekly Internet Packages

750 MB100 AFN7 Days*477*3*1#
1.5GB140 AFN7 Days*477*140*1#
3GB75 AFN7 Days
(0:00AM to 7:00AM)
250MB Facebook15 AFN7 Days*232*7*1#

Afghan Wireless Monthly Internet Packages

2GB250 AFN30 Days*477*4*1#
5GB400 AFN30 Days*477*5*1#
9GB600 AFN30 Days*477*6*1#
11.5GB800 AFN30 Days*477*8*1#
18.5GB1100 AFN30 Days*477*10*1#
26GB1800 AFN30 Days*477*16*1#
40GB2700 AFN30 Days*477*27*1#
6GB199 AFN30 Days
(0:00AM to 7:00AM)
2GB Facebook99 AFN30 Days*232*3*1#
800MB Facebook40 AFN30 Days*232*2*1#

Kahkashan Combo Data Packages

Enjoy freedom internet data packages with Kahkashan Combo Data plans. With these packages, customers can make unlimited calls, SMS and use the internet. Afghan Wireless SMS packages & Call packages are never needed to send bulk SMS and make calls on the same network while having these packages.

1500 Minutes1500 SMS4GB499*477*499*1#
2000 Minutes2000 SMS6GB699 *477*699*1#
  • All free SMS and voice call minutes are valid for same network (On-Network)
  • TOP SIM, 299, YBS, JW, BN can activate to these packages
  • Night internet sharing is valid from (12:00 AM to 07:00 AM)
  • To subscribe to Pay as you Go dial *555*5*0#.

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