Du Special Power Plan 500 Data Offer is Released

Du has launched a new offer for its customers which is called Special Power Plan 500 Data offer. This offer is designed for those people who want to enjoy everything unlimited. You can call this plan a Du unlimited offer. You have to pay only AED 500 and you will be able to call unlimited, use the unlimited fastest internet, Unlimited WIFI and much more.

Data5G Speed Unlimited Data
Calls3000 National Minutes
Roaming Data10GB
PriceAED 500
Contract24 Months

Here are the benefits of this package that you will get:

  • Fast download and upload and 4K streaming
  • 3000 National minutes
  • Unlimited National Data on 5G network speed
  • Unlimited WIFI hotspot in UAE
  • Take it abroad with 10 GB of monthly roaming data
  • An Amazon Prime membership for 12 months (Postpaid)
  • A BeIN Connect membership for 12 months (Postpaid)
  • Free activation for new Power Plans – You can save AED 125

It is mostly used offer in UAE by Du company. If you are looking for this type of offer, you can easily activate this offer by going to any nearest Du shop and applying for new SIM connections online. If you are the first user of Du, then you can get AED 150 discount.

With Special Power Plan 500 customers can use unlimited internet data on 5G speed and on WIFI. If you are in a hotel and in any shop where the Du WIFI services are available then you can easily connect it and can enjoy unlimited free data. This is 24 months contract offer so, if you are interested to buy this plan, you can visit Du’s official website.

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