Sony TV WIFI Connected But No Internet

Sony TV WIFI Connected But No Internet – Solved

Many people have issues with Sony TV’s internet connection. Wifi is connected to the TV but Youtube and some other apps are not working fine. When every effort is made to run the internet, an error starts coming on the TV, which means that the internet does not exist. However, the internet on the device is connected via WI-FI. We will fix the issue of the Sony TV WIFI Connected But No Internet.

Why is Sony TV WIFI Connected But No Internet Issue

After connecting Sony TV to a WIFI network, when YouTube and Netflix opened it showed no internet error. It can be an internet issue that your internet may be down. Check your internet speed and its status also try to change your network or WIFI connection. Many people have solved the issue after changing their internet connection. It is possible that your internet connection may be down or temporarily not available.

This problem can occur for a lot of reasons. The solution is very simple and you can solve the problem by following each step.

Network Problem Issue:

Sometimes there is a server problem with internet source providers. Due to this some apps and websites do not apply properly. This problem is prevalent, especially in such winters. You can check the internet on your mobile phone to see if it works properly. Sony TV WIFI connected but no internet is the mostly tending issue because of lost of signals and weak signals.

WIFI Connection Issue:

This problem also happens a lot and we ourselves have had this problem many times. When your router is lifting too much load, it starts overheating. For this reason, the internet starts running very slowly. For some devices that are connected to the wire, if they continue for a long time, then this problem starts to occur. So you can fix the problem by checking your WI-FI.


  • Check the WIFI connection on other devices
  • Restart the router and connect it with Tv
  • Check your router’s internet wire
  • Disconnect the yellow wire and again connect it to your router
  • Wait for 1 minute and check the issue
  • The issue will solve if this will a WIFI problem

Wrong Date & Time:

Mostly due to this issue people TV not working correctly. People whose internet is running on other devices but not on their TV can fix this date and time and solve the problem of not running the internet.

For this, you have to check the date and time of your TV. If your TV date or time is a few minutes or hours bad, YouTube doesn’t work and gives an Internet problem. Often this problem is also found in mobile phones. If the time is set on network time instead of auto, then it is automatically corrected.


  • Open settings in your Sony TV
  • Open the Time and Date settings
  • Set the time as network or carrier time
  • Apply changes to save settings
  • Time will update automatically in a while
  • Check YouTube and other apps that are these working now or not
  • If not working, restart your TV and again check, the issue will resolve

Power Cut:

Power cuts can be a big reason for no internet issues. Because our TV and other devices run on software and are turned off under an automatic system, if it shuts down suddenly, it can cause problems. Sudden power outages and TV shutdowns can cause software problems, which presents a wi-fi problem in devices.

Sometimes, when the device is turned ON and OFF the time on the TV changed automatically which causes the issue. So, if any incident occurred with you before this issue you can check the software update and your TV data and time.

Outdated Software:

In order to keep security updated on the Internet, it is necessary to keep the software updated. That’s why the company keeps updating the software all the time. So, you have to check your TV update every time when you face issues.

You have to go to your TV settings and check the update. First of all, check your TV time and date. Turn WIFI On and check the new version of the software. If there is a software update available update this now and restart your TV.


  • Go to your TV settings
  • Open the About and Software section
  • Now, open the Software update program and press the update button
  • Your WIFI should be connected to the internet to check this
  • It will check for software updates and will install it with an automatic process
  • Restart your TV and check the issue which now is fixed

Sony TV WIFI Connected But No Internet Issue:

The Internet is the main thing to play channels, Movies and programs on a new modern TV. Sometimes, the internet did not work correctly because of that we are unable to watch many programs that work online. You have to check your internet connection that is this working or not. Your carriers can make problems for you if their servers are down.

You have to talk to your Internet Provider to find out that there is no internet speed problem. You can also solve the problem by connecting to another Internet on TV.

Low speed can also cause this problem and you have to get an online tool to do the speed tests. If you look at your internet after a speed test, you restart your router. Once restarts, your router signals will also start to give proper and the Internet speed will improve.


  • Check if the wire of your router is this ok or not
  • Call your internet service provider if the wire is damaged
  • Check your internet speed with an online internet speed tester tool
  • Disconnect the WIFI and reconnect after restarting the router
  • Change your WIFI or internet connection to solve the issue


After using these all methods, the internet problem will be fixed and YouTube will start working. If the problem is the same and is not fixed, you have to call your network provider to solve the issue. I have seen in many places that people’s TV time is bad, which causes them to face this problem. You first check the same thing and then move towards another step. I hope that after following some of these steps in the Sony TV WIFI Connected But No Internet article, your problem may have been solved.

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