How to Check Data Balance on Etisalat

How to Check Data Balance on Etisalat – Top Woking Methods

Etisalat is the most widely used network in the United Arab Emirates. If you have this SIM and don’t know how to check your data balance on Etisalat, then this post will give you all this information. It is essential for prepaid, postpaid, and wifi users to know the method of checking internet data.

Many people easily activate the internet packages on Etisalat but do not know how to check the remaining internet data. It is also important to keep track of the internet data, as it allows us to use the internet according to the remaining data. To check Etisalat’s data balance, you need to follow some given methods.

How to Check Data Balance on Etisalat

Tips to check Etisalat Data Balance

There are different methods to check the internet data on prepaid, postpaid, and business plans. You can jump to your SIM card type to check the data balance.

1. Dial *170# to Check the data.

All types of customers can use this method to check their prepaid, postpaid, and business SIM data balances.

  • Open the Dialpad from your phone
  • Dial *170#
  • You will receive an SMS in a short time with complete details of the remaining internet data.

2. Send the Text Message

  • Write “Data” and send it to 1010
  • You will receive the complete details of the remaining package

3. Dial *121# To see the Details of the data balance.

  • By dialling *121#, you will receive an SMS with complete details of your remaining internet data and package validity.

4. Use the Etisalat App to Check the Balance

If you are connected to the internet all the time, then you can use the Etisalat app. This is what I personally use because it is completely free. It can be used to check balance, get internet package information, and activate or deactivate any package.

  • Download and install the Etisalat app from Play Store and Apple Store or visit the website
  • Login to your account using your mobile number or Emirates ID
  • You can see the complete details of your package and also activate or deactivate them.

This app is available for every device, like Android and iPhones. Also, if you don’t want to use the app, you can log in to the web and get the remaining internet information.

How to Check Data Balance in Etisalat Prepaid

To check your data balance in Etisalat Prepaid, follow this method:

  1. Dial *170# from your sim
  2. Send text “Data” to 1010
  3. Use the web or the Etisalat app.

How to check data balance in Etisalat postpaid

Postpaid customers can also check the bill in advance by using this method:

  • Dial *140#
  • Dial *170# to see the remaining data
  • Send text “Data” to 1010
  • Use the Etisalat app or visit the web and login to account to check the balance

How to check data balance in the Etisalat Business plan

Business plan users can check the internet data by dialling *170#, *140#, and *101#. By dialling any given code, customers can get the status of current active packages.

  • Send text message “Data” to 1010 to check the data balance
  • Dial *170# and *101#
  • Use the Etisalat app or website.

Etisalat’s Automatic Data Usage System

Etisalat has provided every kind of convenience to its customers. You don’t need to check internet data repeatedly because Etisalat has started giving SMS alerts to all its users.

Etisalat notifies you via SMS if you reach 70% internet usage. Apart from this, you are also notified through SMS at 80% usage. Internet speed becomes slow at 100% internet usage, and some users’ internet automatically shuts off.

If you have subscribed to the Etisalat Balance Save offer, your internet will be automatically turned off after the package expires. This will save you from paying redundant charges, and your balance will be protected when you use the internet without the internet offer is active.

So, using these methods, you can check the data balance on Etisalat with any type of SIM card. If you are a new customer and don’t have good knowledge, then you can visit the Etisalat section, where you will get all the information related to this.

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