Ooredoo Qatar Mobile Number Check Methods

Ooredoo Qatar Mobile Number Check Methods

Explore the methods to check the Ooredoo Qatar mobile number. Ooredoo is a famous Qatari mobile phone and internet service provider through WiFi and fibre. It also provides tourist SIMs and prepaid and postpaid SIM cards in Qatar. Before using and buying a SIM card in Qatar, we should know about its complete USSD codes, package activation methods, helplines, and much more.

Why do you need to Check Ooredoo Qatar’s Mobile number?

There are some reasons why you need to check the Ooredoo Qatar mobile number:

  • When updating or editing an account
  • To recharge
  • To activate or deactivate a package
  • To give someone a number
  • To get the same number again in case of a lost SIM

Apart from this, there can be many reasons why you may need to check your balance. Now, we will discuss how to check your mobile number if you forget or do not know.

Ooredoo Qatar Mobile Number Check Methods

1. Using USSD Codes:

  1. Open your phone’s dialer.
  2. Type *103# and press Call.
  3. You will receive a text message with your mobile number.

2. Calling the Helpline

You can also call the helpline to check the mobile number.

  1. Dial 111 from your mobile phone.
  2. Select the option to talk with a customer service representative
  3. Provide the account details, like your national ID.
  4. A customer service representative will look for your number and give you its details.

This method works only when you have a balance on your mobile phone. But when your mobile phone’s balance is insufficient, how can you check the Ooredoo number without a recharge or credit? We will also cover this below.

3. Check the Number without Balance and Recharge

You can check your Ooredoo number without a balance using these methods:

  1. Go to Ooredoo Qatar website https://www.ooredoo.qa/.
  2. Login to your account using your username and password
  3. You will see complete information about your SIM card and mobile number.

You can also see the Ooredoo number on the SIM card pack. Most companies must mention the number on the SIM card pack on the front side. If you have a card, you can use this free and very easy method.

These methods can help you search for an Ooredoo number in Qatar without hassle. Alternatively, dial *103# and go to your account details to check the number.

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