How to Check All Active Services in Etisalat UAE

How to Check All Active Services in Etisalat UAE

Etisalat is the best and most used network in UAE because of its cheapest plans and good coverage. We are always here to provide you latest Etisalat UAE plans and offers. If you are looking for the answer to the question “How to Check All Active Services in Etisalat UAE” then we will provide you with complete information about this. You can easily check all active services by dialling *123# and going to my account section.

If you are using Etisalat UAE internet packages or Etisalat prepaid or postpaid SIM cards then this is a very helpful topic for you. Etisalat is providing unlimited internet plans to its customers so that large companies stay to use their network. Once the prepaid or postpaid users subscribed to any offer and want to unsubscribe from Etisalat offers they need a full guide. Read this post carefully to check the full method.

How to Check All Active Services in Etisalat UAE

This is a very simple method to check all active services in Etisalat UAE prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. You should have installed the Etisalat UAE app on your mobile phone. This app helps users to activate and deactivate all services, and check the balance users can also see all active services using the Etisalat app.

Customers can check all active services on their prepaid and postpaid SIM cards when they log in and signup into the Etisalat app. Simply log in to your account using your Etisalat number and go to the profile. Here are some steps that will help you to check to activate services.

  • Install the Etisalat UAE app on your IOS and Android phone
  • Open the app and log in or register your account
  • Go to my account section at the top
  • tap on my services to check the all activate services
  • All current activate services offers and the remaining balance will appear on your mobile screen

You can also call the Etisalat UAE helpline number +971 800 5800 and can ask about your SIM card services. If your balance is getting cut too much and you are very worried about this balance then by using this method you can also get the balance usage information.

You also get some free internet for using the mobile phone app. Your remaining internet, add-on service and calling minutes can be checked using this method. If you have to need more information about your network then you can go to their franchise and office.

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