Check the DU Sim owner information

How to Check DU SIM Number – 5 Easy Steps

Check the DU SIM Owner Name easily with three methods. Sometimes when we buy a new SIM, we often forget the SIM number. We don’t know of any way to check this, which is why we either resort to the internet or contact the call centre. People living in Dubai use DU SIM more because its packages are very cheap and we can activate any type of package. Now, here is a full guide to checking the SIM number of DU SIM.

5 Best Steps to Check the DU SIM Number

Follow these steps to check the DU Sim number easily without any hassle. We have added 5 steps to solve your problem with mobile balance and without balance.

1) Check Number on SIM Box

First of all, you need to check your SIM Card box which you got from the SIM shop. There is the number mentioned with full S/N and with name. If you have forgotten the SIM Card then leave this step and follow another step that is given below.

2) Give a Miss Call

This step will work if you have balance in your SIM. Give a miss call on your other phone number or send an SMS to your friend and family number and check your number. If you do have not to balance your SIM then try the third method which is given below.

3) Using a Short Code

In this method, the balance is not needed to check the SIM number. You can check the DU SIM number using a short USSD Code which is *116#. Open the dial pad and dial *116#. You will see the USSD code is running and after waiting 1-2 seconds the number will appear on your mobile screen. It will show the number such as (Your Mobile Number is +97XXXXXXXXXX). Take the screenshot and save your number to use in the future.

4) Using the DU App

Yes, You can check the number using the app. DU has launched the DU app to manage packages, see calls, SMS & internet history, and many more features. If you have already installed and login to your account then it is possible to check your SIM number. Otherwise, you will need to enter your number to create an account.

5) Call to Helpline

Most people don’t know the DU helpline number. So, They visit the franchise and retailer centre. If you are looking for the DU SIM helpline number to ask for your mobile number then it is another way to check the details of your DU SIM number. Simply call at DU helpline number 0097143905555.

Whenever you forget your SIM number, you can find out the above methods. Whenever you buy a new SIM, you should try to save the card with the complete information written on it in a safe place. Below are the following ways to save SIM numbers which you can use to remember and save your number.

Steps to Save & Remember your Mobile Number:

  1. Once you know the SIM number, save it quickly in your SIM memory so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  2. If you run a business, make a visiting card for your business so you don’t have to remember your number over and over again.
  3. Write your number on a blank piece of paper and keep it in your wallet. So that, when you go somewhere and you will need to recharge the number is in your pocket.
  4. The best way to remember the number is to use the DU app, it will be safe for you at all times after installing and logging in. Whenever you need a number, immediately turn on this app and find out the number.

We know you are mostly worried to check the DU number. By using these all methods, you can easily check your number and also can check your SIM owner name easily. These steps had solved the issue of many people who live in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The calling helpline number is the best method to know your DU prepaid card number.

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