Jazz Prepaid Call Packages

Jazz Prepaid Call Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Full details of Jazz Prepaid Call Packages along with activation code and fees are provided here. If you are looking for Jazz Daily Call Package, Monthly Call Package, and Weekly Call Package then you have come to the right place. We’ve updated the 2023 packages here.

Jazz is a Pakistani telecom 4G network that came into being in 1994. The company’s original name was Mobilink. But together with another Pakistani telecom mobile network Warid, the company acquired 4G and renamed it Jazz. Jazz has 62 million subscribers across Pakistan and 19 million of them are 4G users. This SIM is mostly used by Jazz Cash which is a small mobile banking system. According to 2020, 8 million people use Jazz Cash.

Jazz offers its customers the best 4G internet, HD audio calls, and text SMS. The company has launched separate postpaid, prepaid, and data SIM packages. You can check and activate all Jazz Call package information here.

Jazz Prepaid Call Packages 2023

Jazz allows its users to activate packages of their choice with complete freedom. If a user wants a cheap call package, he can customize the package and activate it. Similarly, Jazz has 100-plus call packages which are given below for your guidance.

We will first provide information on Jazz’s daily call packages. This is followed by 3-day, then weekly packages, and then monthly packages. It also offers some packages that offer free calls as well as free internet and free SMS.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Package NameResourcesSubscriptionPrice
Daily Day Bundle300 On-Net Minutes & SMS + 20MB*340#Rs.14
Karachi Daily OfferUnlimited On-Net Minutes, 250MB & 1500 SMS*400#Rs.12
Sindh Daily OfferUnlimited On-Net Minutes, 250MB & 1500 SMS*522#Rs.12
KP Daily OfferUnlimited On-Net Minutes, 250MB & 1500 SMS *291#Rs.12
Punjab Daily OfferUnlimited On-net minutes, 250MB & 1000 SMS*6000#Rs.12
Super Plus Package500 On-Net, 5 Off-Net Minutes, 500 SMS + 500MB*558#Rs.28

Jazz has launched a daily day bundle for all prepaid customers. From this package, customers can get free 300 On-net voice minutes and SMS for all networks + 20MB of internet data. Jazz daily call package for Punjab provides unlimited calls, 250MB of internet, and 1000 SMS for 1 day. To make calls with a 1-day call package, Call setup fees of Rs.0.15 paisa will be charged.

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

Jazz has more than 10+ Weekly call packages which details are given below. The most famous offer for jazz On-net calls is the Jazz weekly voice offer in which customers can make on-net calls for the whole week. Jazz Weekly Voice offer provides 600 On-net minutes for 7 days in recharge of Rs.85.

If you want to get an off-net Weekly package then the Jazz weekly premium package is available for all prepaid customers. with the Jazz Weekly Premium package, all prepaid customers are able to get 50 Off-net Minutes and 4GB of internet for 7 days. Similarly, there are many other Jazz prepaid call packages which are listed below.

Weekly PackagesResourcesActivation
Jazz Weekly Voice Offer650 On-Net Minutes*211#Rs.80
Weekly Premium Package50 Off-Net Minutes + 4GB*117*47#Rs.169
Weekly Super Max Offer30GB+6000 On-Net & 100 Off-net minutes+6000 SMS*506#Rs.337
Weekly All Network3GB+1000 On-net Minutes, 60 Off-net minutes & 1000 SMS*700#Rs.182
Weekly Hybrid Package1GB+1000 On-Net & 30 Off-Net Minutes+1000 SMS*407#Rs.126
Weekly Super Plus12GB+5000 On-net & 80 Off-net Minutes+5000 SMS*505#Rs.269
Weekly Super Duper Offer6GB(3GB 2AM-2PM)+1500 On-Net & 60 Off-net Minutes+1500 SMS*770#Rs.228
Sargodha Weekly Offer2GB+2000 On-Net Minutes+2000 SMS*627#Rs.100
Gujrat Haftawar Offer10GB (5GB 2 AM-2 PM)+60 Off-Net Minutes+5000 SMS*307#Rs.119
Prepaid Super Chenab Offer8GB(4GB 2AM-2PM)+600 On-Net & 30 Off-Net Mins+600 SMS*664# Rs.90
Sindh Haftawar Offer12GB (6GB 2 AM-2 PM)+5000 On-Net & 50 Off-Net Minutes+5000 SMS*406#Rs.250 LOAD
Attock, Haripur & Nowshera Offer8GB (4GB 2 AM – 2 PM)+500 On-Net Minutes*598#Rs.132
Lajawab Haftawar Offer2.5GB+2500 On-net & 25 Off-Net Minutes+2500 SMS*565#Rs.75
Sindh Raabta Offer1000 On-Net Minutes + 1GB DATA*766#Rs.70
New SIM Offer700 On-Net Minutes+700 SMS+700MB *191#FREE
Work From Home Bundle10GB+Unlimited On-Net Calls (8 AM-6 PM)*117*14#Rs.95
Jazz Weekly Call Package (Updated in 2023)
  • Weekly Call packages prices are including Tax
  • Prepaid customers are able to subscribe to this offer
  • Some offers are valid for special areas only

Sargodha Weekly Package

In many weekly call packages, the call setup fees are not applicable. Customers have not need to keep a balance in their SIM. Sargodha Weekly call package provides 2000 MB of internet, 2000 On-Net Voice call Minutes, and 2000 Text Messages for all networks in Pakistan. This offer price is Rs.100 and customers have to need to recharge a balance of Rs.120 to subscribe to this offer.

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Mobilink/Jazz users who want to put a monthly Jazz prepaid call package on their SIM can activate the call package of their choice by looking at the list of packages below. Jazz offers its customers packages at different prices and minutes throughout the month. Some packages are also provided which provide all the facilities.

Jazz’s Monthly Premium Package allows all prepaid customers to get 25GB of internet and 250 minutes of calls for all networks for a whole month. Customers will no longer need to pay a call setup fee after activating this package. By activating the package only once, you can easily make calls on any network across Pakistan. The price of this offer is Rs. 620 but to activate it, customers have to recharge Rs. 698.

Monthly PackagesResourcesActivation
Monthly Super Duper Card2GB+2000 On-Net & 150 Off-Net Minutes+2000 SMS*601#Rs.600
Monthly Hybrid Package1GB+10,000 On-Net & 50 Off-Net Minutes+1000 SMS*430#Rs.444
Monthly Super Duper Offer3000 On-Net & 150 Off-net Minutes+3000 SMS+6GB*706#Rs.621
Monthly Super Duper Plus5000 On-Net & 300 Off-Net minutes+5000 SMS+15GB*707#Rs.977
Shahdadkot Monthly Offer2GB+2000 On-net & 2000 Off-net Minutes+4000 SMS*873#Rs.300
DG Khan Monthly Offer2GB+2000 On-net & 200 Off-net Minutes+4000 SMS*705#Rs.300
New Sale Offer1GB+1000 On-net Minutes+1000 SMS*191#FREE
All in One Social Offer3GB Social+1000 Jazz minutes*668#Rs.89
Karachi Mahana Offer10GB (5GB 2 AM-2 PM)+5000 On-Net & 150 Off-Net Minutes+5000 SMS*529#Rs.444
Jazz Mahna Bachat Offer2GB (Whatsapp and IMO)+200 On-Net & 20 Off-Net Minutes+2000 SMS*614# Rs.75
Monthly Premium Package25GB (10 GB YouTube)+250 All Networks Minutes*2000#Rs.620 

Jazz Other Call Packages

Jazz offers its customers daily, weekly, monthly and in addition 3 day and 3 months packages. Because people don’t know much about these packages, they don’t even activate them. Jazz offers its customers a three-day offer in which customers can get 1000 call minutes and 1 GB of internet. To activate this package, customers have to recharge a balance of Rs. 40. Remember that this package will apply a call setup fee which will be deducted on each call.

PackagesResourcesActivation CodePriceValidity
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer 6GB+3000 Jazz Minutes+3000 SMS*551#Free60 Days
Infinity Offer100 On-Net Minutes*710#Rs.40180 Days
3-Day Max Offer100 On-Net Minutes+1 GB*631#Rs.403 Days

Jazz Infinity’s offer is valid for 180 days. Customers who want to activate a lifetime call package can activate the Jazz Infinity package. With this package, customers will get 100 jazz minutes which will be usable for 6 months or 180 days. Customers will have to recharge Rs 40 to activate this Jazz package.

The jazz 3 days call package provides users with 100 minutes of jazz calls and 1 GB of internet for 3 days. To activate it, recharge Rs. 40 in SIM and dial *631#. In case of balance, you will receive a confirmation SMS and you can make calls for 3 days without any problem.


Those Pakistani residents who are looking for the best prepaid SIM card in Pakistan can get extra benefits when they will buy a new Jazz SIM. The new Jazz SIM price is Rs.250 PKR as of 2023 and this is available in all cities and areas of Pakistan.

With Jazz’s new SIM offer, customers will get free 1000 Jazz to Jazz minutes, 1000 SMS for all networks, and 3GB of internet data for 7 days. Upon recharging Rs.50 or above customers will also get 2GB data, 1000 calling minutes, and 1000 SMS for free. Simply dial *191# to activate the Jazz new SIM offer. Here are the complete details of the Jazz New SIM package.

OfferNEW SIM Offer
Jazz Minutes1000 Minutes
SMS1000 SMS (All Networks)
Internet3GB DATA
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe?Dial *191#

Terms & Conditions:

  • These packages are valid for only prepaid customers
  • In some packages, Call setup fees of 0.15 paisa are applied
  • Jazz reserves the right to terminate or change any package
  • Internet speed depends on users’ neighbourhood location, device, and location signals
  • Data charges 5 / MB will be charged after the package expires or without the internet package
  • Users can find Jazz package information absolutely free from the Jazz World app.


How to Check the remaining balance in Jazz?

Dial *111#

How can I check the remaining Call, SMS, and Internet Package?

Use the JazzWorld app or dial *2# after activating the package activation code. For example, If any Jazz package activation is *123# then its remaining Package code will be *123*2#.

How I can get Free Voice Calls Minutes?

You can get free Minutes by using the Jazz New SIM Offer or SIM Lagao offer.

What are the Call setup charges?

To make calls on any number, the call setup charges 0.15 paisa per call will charge.

Does JazzCash provide free Minutes and SMS?

Yes! If you Keep a Balance in JazzCash for more than Rs.1000 then jazz provides free 30 On-Net Minutes and SMS every day. You can get a maximum of 100 Minutes and SMS by keeping more than 3000 rupees in your JazzCash account.

How to order a New SIM Card?

Customers can order a new SIM card by dialling *5299# from any Jazz SIM. Choose the number and then choose the area where you want to receive your SIM card.

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      It is possible that you already have activated this offer so this is not working. You need to unsubscribe from this offer and again subscribe it. If problem is not fixed, call at 111.

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