How to check the SIM Card Owner Name

How to Check SIM Ownership Details in Pakistan

You can check SIM ownership by following the given method. This method is working on all SIMs like; Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor. To check the SIM owner’s name or other details about SIM send “MNP” to 667. You will be charged Rs.5 to send this SMS so, keep the balance on your SIM card. In 2 minutes you will receive the complete information about SIM. SIM card owner name, Registration date, SIM serial number, Network, and owner CNIC number will be available in the received message. It is the best method to check the SIM owner’s name on Jazz, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone SIMs.

Check SIM Ownership Details in Pakistan

  • Go to Messages and Write a New message
  • Write “MNP” and send it 667
  • Rs.5 charges are apply for this package
  • If you have taken loan then this will never work

In order to get information about any SIM, you must have that SIM and it must be recharged. After texting 667, the customer will receive a message within 1 to 2 minutes containing the full name of the SIM owner, ID card (CNIC) number, SIM registration date, SIM serial number, and SIM card package information.

This system was introduced to change the network when the biometric system was not introduced. Whenever you want to convert your SIM to another network, this SMS is usable to forward to pass this information on to another network.

In addition, you will find many software and websites on the Internet that provide the SIM owner’s name, address, ID card numbers, and SIM numbers registered in his name. But I would advise you to stay away from such things. Because it is a crime and you have to complain to such people. Your SIM works on any network, be it Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid, and Telenor.

How to check Jazz SIM Owner Name?

To find out the name of the owner of Jazz SIM, you can request to send some money from his JazzCash account to his mobile number. After entering the number and amount, the username will appear and you can find out the name of the owner of any Jazz SIM.

  • Dial *786# if you have jazzcach account
  • Reply with 1 send money
  • select 1 mobile account
  • again select 1 jazzcash account
  • enter the Jazz number
  • enter amount 1 and send
  • The Sim owner name will apear here.

Check SIM Card owner name on Telenor and Ufone SIM

You can use this method same on Telenor and Ufone SIMs. To check the Telenor, the Ufone SIM owner name uses the payment sending method to verify the owner name. Don’t send and enter the MPIN of your account after appearing the party name. If the name does not fount then cancel this option.

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