4 Ways to Check the Ooredoo Number Algeria

4 Ways to Check the Ooredoo Number Algeria

Check the mobile phone number which we are using in our SIM card is a very important step. Everyone has good knowledge about this that how to check the Ooredoo number Algeria or the owner’s name. We will recover all the issues related to this and also provide you with 4 ways to check your own Ooredoo number in Algeria.

How to Check the Ooredoo Number Algeria

Ooredoo users can check the SIM number by using these 4 ways. All the tips are not free and your mobile phone must have enough balance to check the number.

1. Check the number by calling the helpline:

Customers can check their own Ooredoo Algeria number by calling the helpline number 330. It is possible that they will deduct some charges by calling their helpline number. You can ask them to provide your current active mobile number.

The company staff will hear your question and will require some information like your identity card number. Provide them and after clarification, they will provide your number.

2. Call or SMS on your other mobile number

In every home and office, every person has a mobile phone. If you have enough balance in your Ooredoo SIM card then you can continue using this step otherwise you can leave this and read the next step.

Just ask your friend and family member their contact number and try to call on their number. Once you will dial your friend and family number, your Ooredoo number will appear on the screen of your friend and family member. If you have an internet package active then this is very helpful for you. You can check your own number by using the Ooredoo app.

You can also send a blank SMS or text message to anyone near you. By doing this you will get your current active mobile phone number and this tip work quickly. You never need to go to any Ooredoo office and shop.

3. Dial Short USSD Codes to Check Ooredoo Own number Algeria

It is the best working method officially launched by Ooredoo company Algeria. If you do not have a balance on your Ooredoo prepaid and postpaid SIM card then you can use this method. Dial *151# from your mobile phone and select the account in the menu. By dialling this USSD code you will be able to see your own Ooredoo number.

4. Use Ooredoo official App

You can use the Ooredoo Algeria app and log in to your account to check your number and the history of your account. You can also check the data balance and recharge history from this app. To get the app you have to visit ooredoo Algeria’s official website and call helpline 330.

All these methods are working and you can use them to get your current Ooredoo Algeria number information. Sometimes some people get a new SIM card and that’s why they don’t remember the number. So instead of memorizing the number, it is better if you save it in your contact list.

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