Du Internet Speed vs Etisalat Internet Speed - Which is Better?

Du Internet Speed vs Etisalat Internet Speed – Which is Better?

Is DU Internet speed faster than Etisalat in the UAE? Etisalat and Du are the largest and most used telecom networks in the United Arab Emirates. But if these two are compared with each other, do you know which network will provide the fastest internet speed? Here we will tell you which network provides the fastest speed in UAE by checking their internet speed only.

Comparison of Du and Etisalat Internet Speed

Internet speed is checked based on various things including downloading speed and uploading speed as well as video and gaming speed. Etisalat has earned and established its name the most in the United Arab Emirates. At present it is considered to be the largest telecom network here. At the same time, Du is no less. It started introducing cheaper packages to the customers after which the competition between the two increased.

Download Speed:

Etisalat46 Mbps
Du34.4 Mbps

The two networks keep going back and forth with each other for one reason or another. According to a report by OpenSignal, Etisalat is currently the fastest internet speed provider network in the UAE. According to the 2023 report, Etisalat’s download speed was noted at 46.4 Mbps — 12 Mbps while Du’s speed was 34.4 Mbps.

Uploading Speed:

Etisalat11 Mbps
Du9 Mbps

If we talk about their upload speed, Etisalat recorded a speed of 11 Mbps while Du recorded a speed of 9.0 Mbps. Similarly, Etisalat has gone two steps ahead of Du in terms of downloading speed as well.

If we compare the internet speed of both networks with the speed of the previous one, then both of them have decreased significantly. When they were compared in 2022, Du’s internet downloading speed was 27.5 Mbps while Etisalat’s speed was 40.1 Mbps. Du has seen a significant improvement in its internet speed this year compared to last year. The internet downloading speed of Etisalat has decreased considerably this year compared to last year.

In 2022, DU’s Download speed was 313 Mbps while Etisalat was providing 288 Mbps. According to the 2023 report, DU is 8 times less than Etisalat. According to Opensignal’s 2023 report, in 2023 DU is providing 282 Mbps while Etisalat is providing a Downloading speed of 332 Mbps.

The uploading speed of both the networks has been better than last year, with Etisalat’s 10.3 Mbps to 11.0 Mbps while Du’s speed has come down to 7.6 Mbps to 9.0 Mbps. If we talk about their 5G uploading speed then in 2022 DU was providing much faster speed than Etisalat.


Etisalat is offering good speed compared to Du but if we compare it to last year then DU has done better. If it keeps tweaking its speed and coverage like this, DU might start offering better speeds from Etisalat as well. Du is also mostly used by people because of its cheap packages, but in areas where its coverage and signals are good, it offers faster downloading speeds than 5G connections.

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