How to block and unblock Jazz SIM online

How to Block Jazz SIM Online | Block Stolen Jazz SIM

Block Jazz SIM Online just by dialing a shortcode. Have you lost your Jazz SIM and are you afraid of getting it wrong? I will show you a method that you can easily block your lost SIM from the comfort of your own home. And when you get that SIM, you can use it by immediately unblocking it. I guess you probably don’t know that because it’s hard for people to remember every single jazz sim code. So let’s move on to our topic and find out how Jazz SIM can be blocked and unblocked by dialing a code.

How to Block Jazz SIM Online

Here are 2 methods are given which you can use to block your stolen Jazz SIM. Both are easy but have some requirements. You have to need to complete the requirements and then follow these methods.

  1. Block Jazz SIM by dialing a ShortCode
  2. Block Jazz SIM by Calling Helpline

1. Block Jazz SIM by Using of ShortCode

  • Dial *8822# from any Jazz SIM
  • To block SIM reply it with 1
  • Enter Your stolen Jazz number and tap on send
  • Now, enter your CNIC number of 13 digits
  • On the next screen, Enter your last recharge amount in word
  • It will ask FNF number, If have then enter then write 0 and send
  • Last step, Select the package which was active on your stolen SIM
  • Finaly, after completing all steps your SIM will blocked in few seconds or minutes.
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Explain to Block SIM by dialing USSD Code

If you have lost your Jazz SIM and you want to block it as soon as possible, you must have another Jazz SIM from which you have to dial a code. To block your Jazz SIM, dial *8822# from any Jazz SIM and reply to 1. Then you have to enter and send the number of your lost SIM. The company will ask you for your ID card number which you have to enter a 13 digit number. To verify the number, Jazz will ask you the recharge amount, how much was the last time you recharged. You have to enter the amount of your last recharge and then you have to answer the last question. Which package was active on Jazz SIM? After answering this question correctly, your SIM will be temporarily blocked. Once you find your SIM, you can unblock it again.

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2. Calling Helpline

There is another way you can block your Jazz SIM. You must have a Jazz SIM for this. Call 111 from any Jazz SIM and choose your language. Then dial 0 and then dial 1. Your call will be connected to a company representative. You have to tell the company the number of your Jazz SIM and ask it to block the SIM. When the representative asks you some important questions, you have to answer them correctly. Doing so will cause the agent to temporarily block your SIM. If you do not get a SIM, you can get your duplicate SIM for Rs 100 with SIM charges.

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Final Words

Once you answer these questions correctly, the company will temporarily block your SIM. Now if anyone found your stolen SIM card, it will be blocked and will not be used by anyone. In the past, people go to the Jazz office or franchise to block their SIMs and most of them did not even know how to block SIMs online. We lined up at the office and stood there until our number came up. But now with this feature, we can block our SIM in a few seconds and minutes. Jazz has introduced good facilities to its customers so that they do not face any kind of difficulty. Hopefully, you have understood this very well and you have not encountered any problem in blocking Jazz SIM.

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