How to Check Etisalat Subscription

How to Check Etisalat Subscription in a Few Steps

What are you using an Etisalat SIM card? If yes then this post can help you to understand and use the SIM card. New users who don’t know how to check their Etisalat subscription can read this post and can know the full method. Etisalat is a UAE SIM card and is also used in many countries like Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates.

If you have subscribed already to a plan pon your SIM card and never know to check its remaining resources then you can use this method. Etisalat users can check subscriptions by dialling 101 or using the Etisalat app.

How to Check Etisalat Subscription Through App?

  • Install the Etisalat app on your phone
  • Login to your account using your Etisalat number
  • Open the profile management tab which is located in the top right corner
  • Tap on active services and plans
  • You will see all active plans and services and their expiry date

The Etisalat app is the best method to use for checking the subscription and deactivating Etisalat services. You can activate and find the best internet packages, call packages and international minutes plans on your SIM using this app. Just buy a new prepaid and postpaid SIM card and install the Etisalat app. After login into the account, you can manage its activities, buy load and do much more.

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