How to Check Lycamobile Internet Data Balance in US

How to Check Lycamobile Internet Data Balance in US

Lycamobile is one of the most widely used networks in the United States, providing users with the best internet services. If you live in the U.S. and have a Lycamobile US network that you use for calls or the Internet, you should be well aware of it. We will tell you how to check Lycamobile internet data balance in US.

How to Check Lycamobile Internet Data Balance in the US

By dialling *611# you will get balance information from your mobile. Lycamobile US users dial *131# or call at 131 to check their internet data balance in the US. In the same way, users can also get Lycamobile Internet information.

ServiceLycamobile US Data Check
ChargesAs per Tariff

Lycamobile US Network has launched many shortcodes that are very beneficial for customers. You can easily access free Internet information on your number by dialling *131# from Lycamobile. Lycamobile is used in many countries, so users have to face a lot of difficulty in finding its codes, Internet plans, and call plans.

Internet information can be easily accessed even after logging into an account on Lycamobile’s website If you have already created an account on this website, you have to log in otherwise signup on it. Carefully enter your valid Lycamobile number for registration and verify your account. You can see Lycamobile internet data in your account dashboard easily.

Can I Check my Account Balance in Lycamobile US?

Yes, Dial *131# or dial 131 from your phone to check the remaining balance.

How to Check Minutes, Texts or Data from my Phone?

You can check all active services by login into your account on or dialling 131 from your phone.

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