Best Unlimited Internet SIM Card in Austria

Best Unlimited Internet SIM Card in Austria

Buying unlimited internet requires a lot of effort. There are two major mobile networks in Austria, A1 and Magenta. Both these networks provide all kinds of facilities to their new and old users. If we search for the integrated internet plans of these networks, we will find very few such plans, but getting their complete information will be a bit difficult and time-consuming task. So today we are going to tell you about Best Unlimited Internet SIM Card in Austria.

Magenta Unlimited Internet

There are many Magenta Internet Tariffs which provide unlimited internet to customers. It is leading the network and offering its best resources to more than 4 million customers through a 5G network. You can get prepaid, Wi-Fi, gaming connection, and many more resources with unlimited internet.

€ 25 per month40 MbpsUnlimited Data
€ 30 per month75 MbpsUnlimited Data
€ 40 per month150 MbpsUnlimited Data
€ 40 per month250 Mbps (5G)Unlimited Data
€ 60 per month500 Mbit/sUnlimited Data


Drei is another popular Austrian telecom company that offers unlimited internet SIM cards. You can use this company to run the internet on your mobile phone. Their Unlimited Internet SIM card gives you high-speed internet up to 300 Mbit/s, unlimited data, and no activation fees. Drei’s unlimited internet SIM card plan starts at €29.99 per month.

SURF FLAT 30€ 2530Mbps/10MbpsUnlimited30 Days
SURF FLAT 150€ 40150Mbps/50MbpsUnlimited30 Days
Prepaid Plan€ 29300 Mbit/sUnlimited30 Days

A1 Austria Unlimited Internet

A1 also offers very similar internet plans but there is a slight price difference between them. You get to see prepaid and many other tariffs that you can choose according to your budget and needs.

Cable and Fibre Unlimited Plans

A1’s cable and fibre internet plans also offer unlimited internet. If you need them, you can read the given post about them and choose a good plan.

Cable/Fibre€ 9,90 per month10Mbps Connection
Cable/Fibre€ 24,90 per month30MBps Connection
Cable/Fibre€ 29,90 per month50Mbps Connection
Cable/Fibre€ 34,90 per month100Mbps Connection
Cable/Fibre€ 39,90 per month150Mbps Connection
Cable/Fibre€ 44,90 per month300Mbps Connection

Unlimited Data Plans

€ 2.39Unlimited DataNormal Speed1 Day
€ 7.21Unlimited YouTubeNormal Speed1 Month
€ 7,99Unlimited Data1 Mbps1 Month
€ 8,9Unlimited Data512 Kbps1 Month
€ 13Unlimited Data2 Mbps1 Month
€ 19Unlimited Data4 Mbps1 Month

A1 Prepaid Unlimited Internet Packages

Their unlimited internet SIM card provides you with high-speed internet up to 300 Mbit/s, unlimited data, and no activation fee. A1 Telekom Austria’s unlimited internet SIM card plan starts at €34.99 per month.

Benefits of Using Unlimited Internet SIM Card in Austria

  • You can enjoy high-speed internet that allows you to stream videos, play games, and browse the web without any lag or buffering.
  • An unlimited internet SIM card provides you with unlimited data, which means you can use as much data as you want without any restrictions.
  • Enjoy High-Speed Unlimited Downloading and Uploading

Which is the Best Unlimited Internet Provider?

The internet is very easy to compare. You choose the internet plan according to your need and choose other plans as well. Now you have to check the price and internet speed to see which network is providing the best speed and cheapest plan.

By doing this you can easily select a good network for you. Internet in Austria is affordable. You can select any good plan. A1 Telekom Austria, Drei, and Magenta Telekom are some of the best options available in Austria.

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