Cheap Unlimited Internet Plans in Pakistan 2021

Cheap Unlimited Internet Plans in Pakistan

There are multiple companies in Pakistan that provide cheap unlimited internet plans and connections at home, offices, and workplaces. The most used internet company in Pakistan is PTCL. This company has different types of packages like 2MB connection price is Rs.1000 rupees per month. You can download and use unlimited internet every month. PTCL is offering a 1Mbps connection at the lowest price of Rs.599 per month. This package has limited usage and you can use only 10GB of data per month.

Like this network, there are many other companies that are providing fast and cheap internet connections. Let’s we are now providing you with the companies list and their connection prices. The best internet provider company is PTCL because it has good speed, excellent support, and cheap rates. 2Mbps connection price is Rs.1,299 per month.

Cheap Unlimited Internet Plans

Fiber Link unlimited plan is providing non-stop internet. Enjoy 32Mbps connection in Rs.1500 per month. You can stream unlimited browsing, downloading for 30 days. Internet speed will change to 16Mbps from 9 AM to 2:30 AM midnight. PTCL has not any speed-changing duration in all 24 hours. Fibre link has an unlimited plan of 32Mbps connection in Rs.1500 however PTCL has a 2Mbps connection with the 300GB per month policy.

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WorldCall Cable Broadband

Worldcall has very low price cable internet connections. It is offering 2Mbps and 4Mbps connections in unlimited downloading and streaming. This company is available in Karachi and Lahore cities only. Worldcall is offering maximum 10Mbps connections. To activate the connection at your home, office, and shop call their helpline number 111-111-965.


Fiberlink is available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Peshawar. This company is offering Voice service and Internet service in selected cities only. Fiberlink has a 32Mbps connection which monthly cost Rs. 1500 with unlimited downloading and browsing.

FiberLink32 MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1500
PTCL2 MbpsUnlimited (FUP 300GB)Rs. 1450
PTCL4 MbpsUnlimited (FUP 300GB)Rs. 1700
Optix Swift2 MbpsUnlimited Rs. 1300
Optix Swift 4MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1900
Qubee 2 MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1000
Qubee3 MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1499
Storm Fiber2 MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1299
Storm Fiber4 MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1499
WorldCall2 MbpsUnlimitedRs. 999
WorldCall4 MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1500
Wi-Tribe2 MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1399
Wi-tribe3MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1599

Optix Swift is offering a 2Mbps connection in Rs. 1300. Their connections start from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps. 10 Mbps connection monthly fees is PKR 2,199 unlimited internet, Xtream TV, and home phone line. You can also activate your connection in monthly installations of Rs. 1000 per month. 20 Mbps connection monthly rent is Rs. 2,999 PKR in which you will get Xtream TV and home phone plan.

Bundle 100 has unlimited downloading, streaming + free Xtream TV, and a Home phone line for Rs.9,999 per month. Optix Swift’s new connection activation charges are Rs. 10,000 rupees and customers can also have an installation option.

Other company plans you can check above given table. Multiple companies are available in special cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Peshawar. PTCL is the world-famous and largest 57th network which is available all over Pakistan. Check the Cheap Unlimited Internet Plans and choose the best plan for your home, office and workshops.

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